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Same here! But in my case, it's the assumption that the "default" wood of choice for a crate would be something as precious and hard to work as oak that got my fightin' blood up, as someone who's been running a carpentry-heavy business for over a decade.

I have also noticed over the years that it's interesting to see which wood the crates and pallets are made from, depending on where they're from. We have several suppliers in Texas, their crates are always in Southern yellow pine. One California supplier sends us pallets made out of redwood. Around here pallets are pretty much always spruce.

Using hardwood for a crate struck me as... let's say, definitely nonstandard.
Well, I agree a hardwood crate would be pretty nonstandard. But this is actually a cage for a dangerous beast, not a shipping container for inert goods, so that might have some bearing.

Or they might have used pine. It's pretty hard to second guess, really! All we can do is establish a possible range of weights, I guess.