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...so, the next step in that line of investigation, if we really want to push it that far ;), would be to try to determine what kind of forests would be growing in the place where that circus is. Do we have any clues as to the climate of the place in the panels shown? If we see trees, and it's all deciduous, then yes the crate is likely of a denser wood type, out of pure convenience. In Cliffport, for example, the wood stock from what we've seen is likely to resemble what was available in England, Holland, or northern France. A disposable crate in Cliffport isn't so unlikely to be oak.
I 'd love to get the results of this investigation but unfortunately cannot participate. I can't tell a pine from an oak even in real life, never mind in stick figures.

Two considerations:
First, a circus moves around, but in a relatively short area. So the above study is relevant, but will nevertheless will need to allow for certain amount of variation.

Second, the box may have been the same as the hunters used to capture him. Someone should check that (I can do that, but not until the weekend). This is important because if MitD was sold with box, the wood origin is now completely random, based on the hunters point of origin (they'd carry the boxes with them). Since they are vaguely British, it would support oak, for what is worth.

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