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This is important because if MitD was sold with box, the wood origin is now completely random, based on the hunters point of origin (they'd carry the boxes with them). Since they are vaguely British, it would support oak, for what is worth.
If the box comes from the hunters, then the likely logic behind its fabrication is slightly different than if the box's conceptors were from the circus instead...

Oak lumber is generally some ~50% denser than pine lumber, but pine's lateral resistance to bending is a lot closer to oak's than a straight relationship between densities would suggest.

In other words, for someone who's going to need a supply of medieval crates for a medieval creature hunting/selling business, someone who travels and therefore likely has a number of different locations where they can choose to bulk buy their wood crates, and knowing that the crate doesn't need to be able to withstand the passing of decades, softwood crates are going to not only be cheaper (easier to manufacture), but also lighter for a given strength.

Something hilarious though -- to everyone who said "yes, but the crate needs to be able to hold this monster, so it's really important to make it out of a significantly heavier yet slightly stronger type of wood", think about it for a minute... ;)