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Now, you say that the lateral resistance is about as good. Did they know this in the middle ages? Because they chose to build their castle gates from oak, when it turns out they could've got better results from using pine and doubling the thickness without adding weight (and in the end, it was weight that determined the gate, since they had to be able to open it and close it every day).
Again, back then, people were extremely likely to "default" to using the wood that was available in the immediate surroundings of their location, regardless of any other criteria.

The wood that was readily available as larger, older trees in the ancient, mature forests that were the source of lumber for most of sea-level Western Europe back then was hardwood.

I'm pretty sure that if you could somehow have brought some of our great west coast Douglas Fir (a staple in my industry) to a medieval lord, you could have convinced him to ditch the local oak in favor of that wood for his gate. So, in a way, yes, although obviously given real world constraints the best choice by far is to stick with what grows in your area's forests.

Did anyone say this? The argument is that the box either once held a different animal in the zoo or, if it is indeed the same box used by the hunters, was meant to capture a rare-but-not-epic creature, and the Hunters were just as surprised as anyone else that MitD didn't just burst out of it immediately.

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OK, then. Thanks for the info.

In any case, what's guaranteed is that we've collectively put a lot more thought into this than the Giant himself did when he drew these crates. ;)

It's all in good fun, but I'm not really sure it's going to bear any fruit.

On that topic, and I'm sure it's been discussed before, couldn't Redcloak have buffed himself off-panel with one of these divine STR-boosting spells? Rich probably didn't think about the type of wood the crate was made from, but it's likely that he DID reflect upon the weight of [MitD + crate] compared to RC's lifting/carrying ability when he drew this, and it passed the test (the drawing remained in his work), so there has to be an explanation. (Ultra-light MitD, buffed RC, anything else?)