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    Default Re: MitD VI: The Undiscovered Creature (Please Read the First Post)

    Man, I feel like I should be weighing in on this as the resident physics major, but it's looking like you guys have got it pretty well covered.

    That having been said- this conversation has been really entertaining, and Rich puts a lot of detail into things. Into MitD clues, even more so. But do we *really* think that he stopped to research the likely building materials for a box, stopped to calculate its weight, and then figured out how feasible it would be for Redcloak to lift it?

    I mean, *could* he have? Sure. He could have written a whole dissertation on the physics involved, hypothetically. But let's say we continue this train of thought to its logical conclusion and hash out a realistic weight for MitD based off of all these rules and so on. Someone proposes a new idea that fits reasonably well, but is too heavy. What do they say?

    "Well, I doubt Rich did such exacting calculations."

    It then goes into the FBS list with the con "Might be too heavy, but Rich also might not have done the math."

    I mean, yes, I'm one for "This information probably won't be relevant, but it's worth noting," but we're mapping out the likely woods for a crate based off of real-world plant distribution. Is this actually going to tell us anything the size of the box doesn't?
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