I like my job.

Alias: Rebirth
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Formerly human, currently reaper
Age: Looks 18, is about 180
Alignment: True Neutral
Class/Profession: Reincarnate Reaper
Description: Standing at about five and a half feet tall, Morsvita has soft skin as white as chalk. He is dressed in white dress pants, a white vest, and a white top hat.
Equipment: Morsvita has three pieces of equipment. A large white book with runes on the front, a white hourglass almost as tall and wide as he is, and a small black dagger. The book is held underneath his left arm, the hourglass is on his back(held by an over-the-shoulder sling) and the dagger is hidden on the inside of his vest.
Abilities: Being a Reincarnate Reaper holds the abilities to reincarnate a soul and to simply end a soul and send it to their own personal heaven or hell. He can also subtly manipulate the world to cause someone's death(like making a length of rope weaker so it breaks and a piano crushes someone, or scaring a horse so it bucks its rider). These are his only strengths. He's terrible at fighting, not very muscular or athletic, and just intelligent enough to do his job.
Backstory: Morsvita comes from a world where you never die, you're just reincarnated. One day, on his thousandth death, he was reincarnated into a Reaper.