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The concept of using multiple character sheets for a single class is so circuitously complicated that it may only appeal to those who really like making character sheets.

That being said, I really like making character sheets.

I'm pretty interested in this, I'll be dropping in once I have time, I only really visit my subscriptions so look forward to regular PEACHes as it's replied.
Its certainly not a class for a new player, but I would argue that the class need not be overly complicated unless you want it to be. If you choose to generate a large number of spell casting classes then your obviously going to need to know what your doing. However classes like the barbarian are pretty straight forward so you can load yourself up with those character sheets if you want a lighter challenge.

For the most part this class requires you to be organized. If you have a good system then you will be okay.

I do enjoy making character sheets however, so I'm probably bias! lol

Cant wait to hear your thoughts!