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    Default Re: The Dimensional Conduit [3.5 Base Class, PEACH] “why limit yourself?"

    Quote Originally Posted by kanachi View Post
    This character class details the dimensional conduit, who functions as a gateway for their dimensional counterparts (henceforth referred to as doubles) to enter and influence the world. It’s important to note when reading this class that the conduit and all their doubles are separate entities from one another and thus do not share any abilities or other aspects unless specifically detailed.
    I personally like this, I still can remember how confused I was the first time I went over the class.

    Fluff overall is great, clear and easy to read.

    Quote Originally Posted by kanachi View Post
    Abilities: Conduits often rely upon the powers of their doubles but should not neglect their own abilities as such a conduit should pursue a good strength score to prove them with an offensive option. Dexterity and Constitution scores will also provide a conduit with improved defence and resilience against incoming attacks. Intelligence should not be neglected as it allows a conduit to bolster their skills.
    Can they work with 8 on all attributes? Just out of curiosity.

    Quote Originally Posted by kanachi View Post
    Drawing a Double.

    At first level the character searches the infinite worlds and reaches out to their first double, who the controlling player constructs by generating an additional character sheet.

    The character they create must share both the same race and age as the conduit and may not utilise any templates which suggest that they have a different lineage or bloodline to conduit. In essence the conduit and all her doubles must have been identical at the time of birth. Thus a conduit with a racial template (such as a half dragon) would also have this template active upon all their doubles. However, templates which may be applied to a creature after the time of birth (becoming a lich for example) could exist upon a conduit or a double without necessarily existing upon every double.

    Each double may be formed as though they were a unique character in their own right - having ability scores, class levels (see below), feats, skill and other such factors which differ from the conduit.

    Amidst the chaos and turmoil of the infinite dimensions only those with a clear focus towards a singular path draw the conduits attention. As a result a double may only possess class levels from a single class. However, they are permitted to diverge into, and gain levels within, a single prestige class (should they qualify).

    At later levels the conduit forges a link with additional doubles that will in turn require their own character sheets, following the above rules. The main class table shows the levels at which new doubles are gained. Once a conduit forges a link with a double their vision of similar doubles blurs and fades, making it impossible for any two doubles to share a level in the same class (or prestige class).

    Though it may be possible for multiple conduits of the same entity to exist (indeed the nature of the infinite dimensions demands that there are indeed infinite conduits) no two conduits may link to one another. This means that none of a conduit’s doubles may possess any levels in this class.

    As the conduit gains levels in this class their doubles may also increase in level. All of a conduits doubles are deemed to increase in level simultaneously. Doubles drawn into a dimension by a conduit often experience a fractured and disjointed life, which over time causes them to increase in level at a slower rate, as shown by the main class table.
    You know I was thinking that maybe you want to do something akin to the champion's avatar for attribute allocation. It might ease the stat generation and make doubles "balanced" against each other if attributes are rolled.

    Quote Originally Posted by kanachi View Post
    Items and Class Abilities

    Though a double may own items, equipment or other assets within their home dimension, none of it travels with them into the conduits dimension. This includes spell books, spell components, holy symbols and other such items. A double instead takes possession of the conduits possessions when called upon and thus should only have these items reflected upon their respective character sheets.

    Aspects of a doubles class which are not directly born from the double themselves cannot travel into the conduits dimension. This includes familiars, mounts and animal companions. However, a double may spend actions to summon objects or creatures once they arrive within the conduits dimension, provided they have time.
    I would erase the last sentence, or address the type of action.

    Quote Originally Posted by kanachi View Post
    Doubles and Spells (and Psionics).

    A double does not draw their magical energy from the conduits dimension or from the manifestation they temporarily hold within that realm. Instead a double draws such powers from their own dimension and thus finds expressing it within the conduits realm much more challenging. As a result a double may never cast a spell of greater than 7th level.

    Furthermore the conduit must act as a gateway between their spell casting doubles and the dimension from which they are attempting to draw such power. As a result a conduit may only allow their doubles to cast a certain number of spells of each level per day as shown on the table below:

    Spells per Day
    {table=head] Level|.0.|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th| 6th| 7th


    In effect each time a double uses a spell they are in fact utilising a spell slot provided by the conduit as well as one of their own.

    If a double possesses the Versatile Spellcaster ability they may use this ability as though the conduits remaining spells per day allowance were their own. For example they may use 2 of the conduits 1st level slots to fuel a 2nd level spell.

    The manifestation of a psionic power is deemed equivalent to the casting of a spell of the same level and, as a result, similarly uses up an available spell slot.
    GREAT This is great, limiting somehow the power of spell casters. Even if Shadow magic is not awesome I would limit it in the same way. As it is it mainly deters fast paced prestige classes such as ur-priest, or shenanigans since wizards don't get 7th level spells until level 13.

    Overall it is a strong class on its own and just grows more powerful with doubles.
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