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    Default Re: The Dimensional Conduit [3.5 Base Class, PEACH] “why limit yourself?"

    Quote Originally Posted by God Imperror View Post
    I personally like this, I still can remember how confused I was the first time I went over the class.

    Fluff overall is great, clear and easy to read.
    I still need to go through the class and bash the spelling/grammar gremlins to death, but its certainly much improved from that first version.

    I'm really pleased with the fluff as well. I keep thinking about how the life of a conduit would effect an individual or how a double may come to view themselves.

    I like the idea of playing out multiple different versions of oneself. Each with very different backgrounds, morals and motivations.

    Quote Originally Posted by God Imperror View Post
    Can they work with 8 on all attributes? Just out of curiosity.
    Indeed. They are the total opposite of MAD as they have no attribute dependance at all (unless your playing the spell casting variant).

    This may be a problem, but I liked the idea of allowing a player to form their conduit (and multiclass them) in almost any direction.

    Anyone can be a conduit. Some people choose it others have it thrust upon them.

    Quote Originally Posted by God Imperror View Post
    You know I was thinking that maybe you want to do something akin to the champion's avatar for attribute allocation. It might ease the stat generation and make doubles "balanced" against each other if attributes are rolled.
    I've been thinking about controlling attributes as well because at the moment constitution has almost no use to a double in our world, but its something they would not neglect within their own world.

    I probably wont use this mechanic, but I will be working on a way to limit the cheesy attribute builds a player can make when drawing their doubles. Something like an X point build where no stat can be reduced to less than 8 and only a maximum of two stats can be increased above 16.

    Quote Originally Posted by God Imperror View Post
    I would erase the last sentence, or address the type of action.
    May do. I was attempting to explain that a double can summon or call items/things if they are able to find the actions to do so. This is probably already obvious however.

    Quote Originally Posted by God Imperror View Post
    GREAT This is great, limiting somehow the power of spell casters. Even if Shadow magic is not awesome I would limit it in the same way. As it is it mainly deters fast paced prestige classes such as ur-priest, or shenanigans since wizards don't get 7th level spells until level 13.
    This was a major improvement to the old version of the class and really brings it back into the realms of workability.

    I need to have a look over the shadow magic rules again as my brains misplaced them, so I'll have to sit on that one for now.

    Quote Originally Posted by God Imperror View Post
    Overall it is a strong class on its own and just grows more powerful with doubles.
    Thank you!

    I normally like to aim for tier 3 or 4 but with a class like this I'm not sure that is really possible, thus tier 2 is a more reasonable target. This class excells in versitility over raw power but still manages to pack a punch.
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