I do really like the potential in this class, and hell I love big classes (check out Evolutionist or Ozodrin sometime), but yes it's still in first page PEACH so there's going to be imbalances and playtests before it's stable imo.

Things that should be addressed:

-Rift Stride
While I like the simplicity of this skill, I think having a flat teleport every action a bit overbearing, especially with no provoke.
As a gentle balance, consider this "step":
Rift Stride (Su):

Upon reaching 3rd level the conduits bond with the dimensional weave allows them to step through rifts unseen by other beings, using them to move short distances. The conduit may, as a swift action, move 10'. This movement is instant and while moving she is not observable and may not interact with the plane nor can the plane interact with her.

Later at the distance the conduit may move increases by 5 feet every 6 levels (15 feet at 9th level and 20 feet at 15th level).

The conduit may not utilise this ability if restrained or grappled and must have a line of sight to their destination.
As a "step" this allows the conduit the ability to have that combat maneuverability and the fun ability to move through space and time oddly and "teleport-like", but not in a way that you can flat out ignore movement alltogether.

As a balance reference, at level 3 your best bet is to go with http://www.obsidianportal.com/campai...-translocation these, and even then it's 2/day.


-What's 5-world step @ level 20?

-Why can't a bag of holding be placed in a dimensional pocket?

-So, Riftweave Weapon = Soulknife Weapon
Honestly, pretty underwhelming to gain a mindblade 3 levels later with a projectile weapon option.

Here, I'll play the same song in a different tune:


Riftweave Weapon (Su):

Beginning at 4th level the conduit's double may pull a weapon from the dimensional weave as a free action whenever they are called forth.

If the weapon requires to be held the double must be holding it when called, if they cannot then the weapon is not pulled. The weapon's size is equal to your double's size.

A riftweave weapon is made of a trans-dimensional material that has the appearance of solidified energy and is anchored in it's inhabiting dimension by the double, if your turn ends with any part of the weapon not attached to you it moves back into the weave. When the double leaves so do the weapons.

Riftweave weapons are always considered magic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction and also extend into the ethereal realm, functioning normally against any creatures present there.

Weapons summoned by this ability gain a +1 enchantment bonus to their both attack and damage rolls. Additionally for every 4 further levels the conduit gains within this class the bonus provided by this ability increases by +1 (+2 at 8th level, +3 at 12th level, +4 at 16th level and +5 at 20th level).

You may trade the riftweave weapon's enchantment bonus for enchantments which have a sum not exceeding the bonus.

You may trade the riftweave weapon's enchantment bonus for alternative options for weapons, as follows:

+1 - You may infuse the riftweave energy into the double's bones giving him the monk's unarmed strike class ability. This may not be used in conjunction with any other trades or enchantments.

+1 - Weapon is a mouth (with bite), a tentacle (with slam) or an armor spike, of which's size may not exceed your creature size.

+2 - You may summon 2 weapons instead of one, they must be mirror copies of each-other. If you enchant or trade on one you must be able to do so on the other, effectively doubling the cost.

+2 - Weapon is one size category larger than your double and incurs no penalties for inappropriate size. This effect stacks.

+2 - Weapon is animated and no longer needs to be held, you must have one hand free to control it, but otherwise it hovers beside you.

+3 - Weapon is a limb, it may hold things and has a slam OR claw attack.

+4 - Weapon is two limbs, it may hold things and has two attacks which can be claw or slam.

+5 - Multiverse Anchorage, (see: Goblins webcomic, minmax's nothingsword)


-Worlds Collide
This ability is a bit strong for force damage, but the fact it even has a save isn't too bad.

That's all I have time for, for now!