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I do really like the potential in this class, and hell I love big classes (check out Evolutionist or Ozodrin sometime), but yes it's still in first page PEACH so there's going to be imbalances and playtests before it's stable imo.
Thank you so much! There is still quite a bit of work to do, I’m sure of that!

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-Rift Stride
While I like the simplicity of this skill, I think having a flat teleport every action a bit overbearing, especially with no provoke.
As a gentle balance, consider this "step":
An excellent idea! I've changed it accordingly.

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-What's 5-world step @ level 20?
The old name for the Dimensional Unity ability which I forgot to change. Thanks for pointing this out!

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-Why can't a bag of holding be placed in a dimensional pocket?
Generally speaking one extra dimensional space can’t be placed within another. So this is just in keeping with that standard.

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-So, Riftweave Weapon = Soulknife Weapon
Honestly, pretty underwhelming to gain a mindblade 3 levels later with a projectile weapon option.

Here, I'll play the same song in a different tune:
I agree its a bit bland as is. I actually wanted to adopt a version a bit like what you have put forward but ran out of time in the contest. I will probably allow the double to simply substitute their weapons bonus for any special ability of equal level (after all this class is supposed to embrace the plethora of options found in the infinite worlds).

I will probably a develop a few other alternatives as well however. I've also made some feats (found in the 2nd post) which kind of move in this direction as well (but need more work)

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-Worlds Collide
This ability is a bit strong for force damage, but the fact it even has a save isn't too bad.
Force damage seemed most appropriate, but I could reign it back to 1d6 for every 2 levels and no save allowance. Do you think that would work better?

Thank you once again for looking over this and offering your views it’s been really helpful!