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    Default Re: The Dimensional Conduit [3.5 Base Class, PEACH] “why limit yourself?"

    @Bag of Holding
    Allow me:
    Dimensional Pocket (Su):

    Upon reaching 4th level the conduit gains access to a small pocket dimension between the normal planes of existence.

    Once per turn the conduit may, as a free action, move any one item within their hands into a dimensional pocket, accessible only to them. The dimensional pocket may hold a total weight of 10 pounds per level (to a maximum of 200 pounds at 20th level).

    Additionally once per turn a single item may, as a free action, be retrieved from the dimensional pocket by the conduit. The retrieved item emerges within the conduits hands. If the conduit has no free hands they may not retrieve items from the dimensional pocket.

    If a conduit’s dimensional pocket is suppressed, by an antimagic field for example, it will become temporarily inaccessible to the conduit.

    If a bag of holding (or other active extra-dimensional or non-dimensional space item) is placed in the conduit's dimensional pocket a 5' Rift to the Astral Plane is torn in the space:

    Astral Rift
    -The contents of the pocket are sucked into the void and forever lost.
    -Make a DC 10 + Conduit Level Fortitude Save or take 1d20 force damage * 1/2 your Conduit Level, succeeding this save negates the damage.
    -On a successful save you form a highly unstable gate to the astral plane centered on you, granting an immediate Rift Stride before the rift finishes forming.
    -After your choice to Rift Stride the rift immediately forms, any creature still in the square of the Rift must make a DC 10 + Conduit Level Reflex save or be sucked into it.
    -Any creature within 5' of the rift may, as an immediate action, make a 5' step into the rift's square and enter the rift.
    -Creatures who enter the rift are subject to 1d20 * 1/2 Conduit Level force damage, and are spit out of the exit-- a random place on the astral plane (or the place most familiar to the conduit).
    -At the end of the conduit's turn the rift closes.

    If all else fails, rip a hole in space and hop down it faster than you can say EMERGENCY TEMPORAL SHIFT.
    And if you're feeling REALLY brave, smash it on an enemy's square.

    @Force Damage
    I think the force damage is appropriate, it having a save isn't too bad as there as strange energies out there without limitations.

    Well, I really do like having the freedom to gain any enchantment, it adds a huge burst of options and utility, including some tasty save-or-dies at the +3 range or higher.

    The optimum dip for this class is def. level 3.
    I'm honestly not sure if this is balanced or not for a dip, I guess considering divine grace and such abilities it isn't so bad, but I'd like to see more of what abuses even low level doubles could utilize in 3.5/P

    Edit- How would you like to collab on making a new class after you're happy with this one? I'm starting to get a good picture of one I've been working on for several years.
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