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    Default Re: The Dimensional Conduit [3.5 Base Class, PEACH] “why limit yourself?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
    @Bag of Holding
    Allow me:
    Dimensional Pocket (Su):

    This is awesome. Great idea!

    I would probably make it so the Conduit cant access their Dimensional Pocket again for 24 hours after generating such a rift.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
    @Force Damage
    I think the force damage is appropriate, it having a save isn't too bad as there as strange energies out there without limitations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
    Well, I really do like having the freedom to gain any enchantment, it adds a huge burst of options and utility, including some tasty save-or-dies at the +3 range or higher.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
    The optimum dip for this class is def. level 3.
    I'm honestly not sure if this is balanced or not for a dip, I guess considering divine grace and such abilities it isn't so bad, but I'd like to see more of what abuses even low level doubles could utilize in 3.5/P
    The most obvious abuse is quick and easy access to magic. Having said that a low level double will soon loose potency (just as any other character) as the party advances. For that reason I'm not sure this is a great class to multi-class with unless you use the custom feat i made "Dimensional Soul" (which may be a bit OP).

    The conduits power is in their versatility, which expands over time. A low level conduit is by them self (sans doubles) a sub par warrior or sub par mage, depending on the variant you use. Their first double is basically their offensive ability for the first 3 levels, which allows them to act as with equal potency to another class, though there are a few inherent draw backs such as the conduits low hp compared to a proper front liner or the lack of ability to cast self buffs upon ones self like a full caster.

    At 4th level the versatility of the class starts to kick in because now you can be a A)a sub par warrior/fighter (as the conduit) B) Class A at 3rd level or C) Class B at 3rd level. All three options are sub par individually but the ability to pick and choose between these options is where the real power of the class lays.

    Of course the DM should, as with any class, not allow players to munchkin their way though the game.

    The biggest benefits/abuses of the class probably come as class levels for more powerful races who can draw upon thier doubles to use thier racial abilities multiple times (which concerns me).

    Anyway, thank you so much for your awesome ideas!
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