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    Default Re: The Dimensional Conduit [3.5 Base Class, PEACH] “why limit yourself?"

    But with a delayed damage pool you can heal the damage back before you take it.


    Look Within (General)
    Instead of calling a double you may seek your doubles for assistance in answering a question.
    When you attempt a full-round action you may speak to your doubles in an indirect way, leading you to the answer to a problem.
    If this is used on a skill-check and it can be solved purely through fact information such as a knowledge check, roll once for each double and use the highest result for your own knowledge check.
    If this can be aided through information alone you may have any double who can attempt to aid you do so.
    If you do not have a double, you may gain a +2 to any skillcheck after making a full-round action.
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