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    Sophia Holt

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human (Scion)
    Age: 29
    Class/Profession: Detective

    Sophia is a fairly young woman, with fair skin, nordic blue eyes, and brown hair which she wears loose. Her muscles are quite defined, but overall, she's got a runner's build more than anything else, and while quite pretty, it's in an unadorned way- Sophia never wears makeup or earrings of any type. In most cases, she wears street clothes, and a bulletproof vest with several silver Norse runes inscribed on it. In addition, she generally carries a large pistol, slightly larger than a Desert Eagle.
    Abilities: Sophia's main skills are in investigation and police-related work- in particular, she's an expert shot with a pistol.
    As a Scion, Sophia has a number of supernatural abilities.
    She's slightly tougher than most humans, being slightly more capable of working through pain, and can heal herself to a degree. She's more dexterous, and can make shots that, frankly, should be impossible. Shooting through the rope when someone's about to be hung comes to mind. She's also got a supernatural degree of charisma, and in particular, people tend to give her the benefit of the doubt. She's also able to think extremely fast, able to react instantly to most situations and to get an accurate read of a crime scene almost instantly.
    Finally, she has access to a number of Boons- these are focused in the Purviews of Earth (Sophia will never be suffocated or crushed by the earth, and she can get a sense of its general composition and density (including holes or caves beneath the surface)), Justice (She can intuitively determine whether someone is guilty or innocent- while this does have a chance of not working or returning a false reading, it's highly unlikely) and War (she can bolster the courage of her allies).
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