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    Default Re: Bleach in The Playground: Renewed Revolution Character Registry

    Note: As I have more time and less homework and tests, I'll polish up these character registries.

    Tsukamoto Miya
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: ~ 5'5"
    Weight: ~ 120
    Race: Human
    Occupation: New Student who does Martial Arts

    Appearance: Miya is the average student at The School who loves Martial Arts. In fact, she does it in her spare time. Every waking hour is spent thinking about fighting. She also trains with the katana. Her black hair reaches down to her shoulders, but she rarely lets her hair down.

    Personality: Miya is extremely loyal to her friends, and greatly dislikes anyone who talks bad about them, often getting into a shouting match with anyone she doesn’t like. At the moment, she She doesn’t enjoy talking about her family, which is perfectly understandable, considering. Despite going even to yelling at those who she doesn’t know, Miya doesn’t like to impose on her friends, and usually won’t pry into what they do unless they invite her. This is because she had recently moved back to Japan, and doesn’t know anybody very well. Whatever friends she has made in these short months, she is very loyal to them.


    Miya grew up here in Japan.

    As she was growing up, she didn't know her mother very well. Her mother was a Substitute Shinigami who, since before Miya's birth, has been out fighting Hollows.

    In a particularly nasty battle, Miya's mother, Hikari got hit by a hollow who could slowly infect its victims. Haro, her husband and a (prideful) scientist, believed that he could cure it. Hikari trusted her husband rather than going to the Soul Society.

    Her trust was misplaced.

    The father kept on lying to Hikari, saying it was progressing well. Then, it too a turn for the worse, causing actual physical ailments. Haro said it was cancer. The whole family moved to South America (Venezuela) so Hikari could say goodbye to her cousins. When Hikari finally figured out that her husband had been lying to her, she was already mostly hollowfied. She fled to the Spirit World in order to not destroy her daughter, accidentally ending up in Hueco Mundo.

    Miya was told that her mother died of cancer. They moved back to Japan. Miya rarely sees her father, who is always away doing hollow-related experiments.

    Abilities: She is good at Martial Arts (Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo - prefers Jiu-Jitsu), and also using the katana and other cool things of the like. (Even though Hikari wanted her daughter to not get involved in the Spirit World, she trained Miya in martial arts at a young age, just in case.)

    She'll soon, at the beginning and throughout the roleplaying game, gain Fullbringer powers, hollow-related. (Like Chad from the manga)

    Future Plans: 1. Her mother comes back as a Mostly-Hollow and fights in the Mortal Realm. 2. The humans win. 3. Her mother drops a heart-shaped pendant necklace which she always wore, and Miya gets that; it becomes her Fullbringer focus. 4. She gains Fullbringer powers, little by little, in a Sado Chad-style.

    Age: Appearance of mid-20s years
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: Scrawny-looking
    Occupation: Arrancar; Formerly La Cuarta Espada, now Sexta
    Aspect of Death: Betrayal

    Appearance: Has the classic de-masked Hollow Humanoid look. She looks pretty human. Scrawny, and relatively young. Her catlike (panther) mask is fully intact, above her head, like a helmet. She has a one-sleeved jacket which bares the number 6 on her left scapula, and covers the 4 on her right.

    Personality and History: Dislikes those who are more powerful than her, because it makes her feel weaker in comparison. She prefers to be with those who are weaker than her. Valentina treats them as if they were equals…unless they disrespect her.
    Valentina joined with Las Noches because of trust. She hated the dog-eat-dog life, she hated not being able to trust anyone. As of now, she trusts the Hollow King. She trusts those weaker than her because she knows they're scared of her. She wants to be able to trust the other Espada, but sometimes slips into her old habit of not trusting anyone as strong (or stronger) than her.

    Abilities: Her Hierro is average for an Espada. She's very fast, whether using Sonido or not. (Not as fast as Azmus, but still pretty quick.) Valentina's better at endurance than raw speed, however. She can absorb Cero and can return them, as well (Her Cero Doble is very strong, and is her specialty).

    Zanpakuto: Mandíbula de las Tinieblas
    Release Command: "Obscure"
    Resurrección: Valentina looks more panther-like. She has a dark red tail, she walks more hunched. Her eyes go catlike, and her skin looks a dark red color, with occasional white bone armor on her. Her whole right arm becomes black, like a mouth with large sharp black teeth. Literally, Jaws of Darkness which like to ‘bite’ and pierce things. They can even crush rocks in these jaws. She can also launch destructive spirit energy from the mouth.
    Her left hand is completely different. It looks more like the brush of a giant paint brush. Her whole arm is black, as well. The ‘brush’ is about the same size as the jaw on the right hand – a half meter across (about 1 ¾ feet?) diameter.
    Whenever the ‘brush’ side touches something, it leaves a black inky substance. This inky substance is incredibly foul-smelling and repulsive to Hollows, able to deter even a weakened soul from a hungry hollow. It also blocks out spirit Reitsu (?Is that how it’s spelled?) and spirit energies, and absorbs it.

    Roaring shockwaves

    Ultimate Attack: Sonrisa de la Traición : A very powerful Cero launched from her right arm mouth. What happens is she covers her right arm with the black inky substance. The substance absorbs her energy until it’s filled, and she releases it all at once from her hand, in a smile-shaped curve wave. Afterwards, the substance continues to burn off in a great release of reitsu, substantially increasing her Sonido speed.

    Future Plans: She either learns to trust the other Espada, or she completely turns against that idea.

    Suou Nicole
    Age: Has appearance of 16, if she were Human and not Spirit
    Height: 5'1"
    Gender: Female
    Race: Spirit
    Occupation: Noble of the Exiled Suou House
    Unranked in Combat Division

    Appearance: Young Shinigami Spirit girl, dressed like a Shinigami. Wears her house symbol with pride.

    Personality: Her greatest motivation is revenge against those she sees as her family's murderers. She is also filled with anger against herself for having fled when her family fought and bled. She also has guilt for her, the disgraceful daughter, surviving while her honored brother died.

    History: Last living family member of a certain family from the Exiled Noble Clan. (The fifth Noble house). Her part of the family, when they were exiled and cast out oh-so-long ago still believed themselves as nobles and above the 'common folk' and the 'traitorous nobility', so they continued thinking they were the rulers of some of the outer districts.

    The exiled clan’s house was in Outer District 78, now known as the Scarlet Garden. They were all massacred in the Hollow attack, except her. She was left alive because she had gotten in a fight with her relatives and stormed away just before the battle.
    This noble clan was known for their special Spiritual Abilities and elemental magic. Because of this, they believed that they didn't need the Soul Reaper's help in defending themselves.
    Because everyone she knows died, she decided to join the Soul Reapers in order to revenge herself.
    Unranked, and looking for vengeance. Her power level grows faster than her ranking.

    Abilities: She knows the magic basically, is fairly good at swordplay and so on. She had training from her father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, and relatives.

    Zanpakuto: Kyuuketsuki
    Release Command: "Kyuuketsuki, Thirst in the Dark Heavens!" (Upon running her blade across her hand)
    Appearance: The Shikai form looks like a normal Uchigatana, fresh from battle. Or, in other words, it appears completely red and wet with blood. The way it reflects light, it always looks slightly moist. The effect it gives is that someone was just stabbed in the gut. As a one-handed sword, she holds it in her left hand.
    She can temporarily use her opponent’s abilities against them, if she manages to touch them. (I was thinking of Rogue from X-Men). If her sword hits them, then it 'steals' a bit of their Spirit Pressure - makes them a little weaker (but only slightly. Only will be noticed in really long battles, because it is such a low rate.) It also allows her use a weaker version of her opponent's Abilities.

    Bankai: Does not have. Probably never will, unless there's some silly "Unlock Bankai in 3 days" plot, as there was in the Manga.
    I have a cool idea for one, though.
    Plans with her: She fights for vengeance and learns with the Shinigami.

    Story so far, for Suou, Valentina, and Miya:


    Nicole came to the Soul Society from her far-off district, and immediately joined the Combat Corps (opting, on purpose or no, to skip the Academy). Acting-Captain Kiba beat her first lesson into her: Trust your instincts. That same day, she also met the Captain of Medicine and Logistics and that of Magic(SII). (Captain Li and Captain Sawada, respectively).

    Captain Li and Vice Captain Nanoha talked about business while Suou was present, and they discovered that Nicole was from the Suou family, a group of exiled nobles who were slaughtered in the Scarlet Garden Incident.

    Captain Sawada had sent for Nicole, and they had a pleasant conversation over tea. Sawada asked Nicole to divulge more information about the Scarlet Garden Massacre. She replied she didn't know much; just that she ran and hid while everyone died around her.

    The next day, she woke up early to begin training and conversing with her Zanpakuto. Soon, Naijeru came up to her and offered to train her, and they began to spar.


    Valentina's Fracción have, recently, gone missing for some undetermined purpose. This leaves her prepping the new Arrancar recruits. Azmus, her superior by two numbers, appears and they have a wager: if Azmus can decide on a Fracción or not. Valentina watches, and loses the bet.

    When the Hollow King is killed by the First Espada, Valentina mourns. However, she obeys First Espada's summons when he calls for a gathering of the Espada. She arrived. She liked one of the new rules proposed by Jehoel. As a result, she volunteered to go with him to Soul Society for 'negociations'.

    Even though she doesn't completely support Jehoel, she does support Hueco Mundo and what it stands for in her eyes.


    Miya was late to The School. There, she talked about martial arts with other students and joined the Martial Arts club. After school, she found out her father had taken a trip to Tokyo for three days. She met Yui on the street, whom she mistook for a crazy stalker. This bad first impression was dispersed as soon as they talked about

    Later, at home, someone left a message and Miya's dead mother's necklace at the front door. The message was an address leading to a nigh-deserted building in the middle of the city. She went there, and her mother was there. They agreed on a message that would help them meet.

    The next day, Miya found herself in the middle of a Hollow Attack with a Medusa, at first, disbelieving what was going on. As the battle wound down, she fled as her entire vision of life came crashing down around her.

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