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    Kitsuki Tsukuda

    Gender: Female

    Species: Kitsune 狐

    Age: 28

    Profession: Spirit hunter, Mother of one

    Kitty is a young kitsune woman with east asian features. She's fairly short and has a somewhat curvy build. Her hair is in a bob cut and often artfully disheveled. It's either her natural orange-red or dyed a very dark brown. Her skin is light brown and her eyes are bright amber. She has five fox tails that are covered in orange-red and white fur. She likes to wear cute clothing that's slightly revealing.

    Kitty is a person that really values her personal freedom. She seeks out the things she enjoys in life and doesn't want anyone or anything holding her back. Sometimes that may put her on the bad side of some people, but generally she's pretty personable. She's naturally hedonistic and finds it hard to resist the urge of simple pleasures.

    Foxfire - Kitty can create four white aetherial flames. While it cannot burn anything physical, it can burn spiritual and ethereal beings as if it were physical. Her final flame is true fire. She can move these flames freely at some distance as well as engulf her body in them.

    Kami Beholden - The laws of reality are weak for fey beings like kitsune. She can make small things seem to go her way against all odds. Gravity is weak and sometimes seems absent, eyes can miss her in a crowd, tree limbs bend toward her reaching hand. She can even make things appear as something they're not to a degree. With rituals of appeasement, assisted by the use of gohei and ofuda, she can exert her will against greater spirits.

    Fox Form - As all kitsune, she can assume the form of a fox. The only thing that distinguishes her from a regular fox is that the number of tails remains the same. There's no in true form in between the two shapes, though she can enhance tooth and claw in her human form.

    Kitty came from the land of Yukei, where she started life simply as a fox. Only by chance did she find herself near the rice paddies of some nearby farmers, and took on a human like form. Some time later she found herself adopted by a desperate mother and a reluctant father. Under their care she learned to be human, but she was also confined by secrecy and restrictions.

    By her very nature she rebelled against that confinement, until one day she fled her home with little more than the clothes on her back. She could survive foraging in the wilderness, but she was always drawn back toward civilization. There theft was another kind of forage. From then on she was a wanderer who never had much to her name.
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