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    Izz'daer Xar'Cha

    Alias: Izzy

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Drow

    Age: 219, ageless (30s HPME*)

    Profession: N/A

    Description: Izzy is fairly tall for a drow male, though his height still isn't particularly impressive. His eyes are a bright red and his skin is coal black. He does, however create an illusion to make his skin appear the blue-ish shade that some members of the Xar'Char nobility has. He's slender with wiry muscle. Izzy dresses flamboyantly, often close fitting, and he favours the colour blue.

    Personality: Izzy is an individual prone to exaggeration, in his movements, words, and actions. He has a certain presence about him. The way he carries himself makes his hard to ignore. He has a certain cunning about him, and he's always looking for opportunities to meet his own goals, but largely he seems to be concerned with enjoying the simple pleasures of life.


    • A small, easily concealed knife. May be kept in any number of places on his body.
    • A finely made short sword. May not always be carried.
    • The House Xar'Cha insignia, worn on a thin chain around his neck. Allows him to use a number of magic powers. (See abilities.)
    • Communication compact made of gold and blue enamel. Can be ued to communicate with anyone holding a matching communicator.

    • Piwafwi cloak.

    Abilities: Izzy has had some training to be a mage. While he never pursued it very far, he has quite a talent for crafting illusion. Sometimes in the form of touching the mind of a target, and other times through more physical means. He has quite a bit of flexibility in what he can do with it.

    The bulk of his training was in martial combat. He's used a variety of weapons, but he tends to favour short blades. His style of fighting is very flashy, but is no less effective for it.

    As a drow, Izzy has a handful of magical abilities inherit to his species.
    • See into the infrared spectrum.
    • Create orbs of darkness.
    • Create and control small, magical lights.
    • Cover a target with pale, heatless flames.
    • Levitation.

    When he's holding his House insignia, he can direct it to produce a few magical effects.
    • Create a floating disk of energy.
    • Allow him to climb walls and ceilings.
    • Shoot sticky spiderwebs.
    • Create a burst of light.
    • Render him temporarily invisible.

    Backstory: Izzy grew up in the Underdark city of Menzoberranzan among his House. At a fairly young age he lost his father, and only parent he knew, but others took him in. At an early age he was entered into Sorcere due to a talent for illusion magics. It took a few years before Izzy was deemed unsuited for working magic. He was perhaps too whimsical in his practice of it, and never took it all that seriously. When he was later initiated into the Melee Magthere he put his talent for illusion to good use in the fighting. He's shown great promise, but once again is hampered by his lack of focus. When the opportunity to accompany others of his House to the surface to live in Delmah Phor, he chose to take the opportunity.

    Miscellaneous: N/A

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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