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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Hibiscus Dryad (Touched by Wolfy and Slaanesh.)

    Age: 1, ageless (14 HPME*)

    Profession: N/A

    Description: Scora is a small young woman. Her eyes are a very dark grey and her ears are very long and pointed. Her teeth are sharp, complete with a pair of long fangs. Her lower body is long and very much like a snake's body. It's scales appear to be strong and made of small chunks of bark. Her upper body gives way to smooth, brown skin. Her hair is made up of a long mass of leaves.

    Personality: To come later.




    Abilities: She has a few abilities granted by her heritage. She can manipulate plants in many ways. She can speak to plants. She can also enter a tree and emerge from another, even over great distances, as long as she's touched the tree before.

    Backstory: Scora was born from her tree along with her twin sister Aconia in the grove surrounding Riverside.

    Miscellaneous: The entire grove surrounding Riverside, referred to as Wildside, acts as Scora's tree. Should she leave this range, she would grow sick and die after a number of hours. She can temporarily leave the range provided she takes a piece of one of her trees.

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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