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    Hinata Akiyama

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human (Demigoddess)
    Age: 35 (Appears 26)
    Class/Profession: Priestess/Seeress

    Equipment: Hinata has three notable pieces of equipment, all of which were given to her by her mother, Amaterasu. Her bow, a Japanese Yumi, simply strikes more accurately than a typical bow. Her robes resist blows as well as most light armor, and has additional benefits detailed below. Lastly, she has a carved bracelet, which has uses detailed below.
    Abilities: In mundane areas, Hinata is quite skilled at socialisation (or, for that matter, using her appearance). She's also knowledgeable about the occult, and has a fair degree of academic knowledge as well. Finally, she's a good shot with her bow.
    In addition, as a Scion who's reached the level of becoming a demigod, Hinata has quite a few abilities that go beyond human capabilities.
    First, she's beautiful, supernaturally so, and is good at using that. In particular, she can draw attention to herself, and can hold someone's gaze even if they want to look away. Second, she also has a degree of supernatural charisma, and and use this to convince people to give her the benefit of the doubt. Thirdly, she is supernaturally intelligent- she has a perfect memory, is pretty much a living calculator, and she can understand and speak any language perfectly once she's heard a few sentences of it (it should be noted that she has to learn how to write the language, though).
    Fourthly, she has a number of Boons that she can channel through her relics. Her miko robes allow her to channel the Sun Purview (Hinata can perfectly see through anything that doesn't totally block light from passing through or in any light brighter than pitch-black, can glow with the intensity of a 100-watt light bulb (and can focus this light for purposes of more illumination or even blinding someone temporarily), can flare momentarily to dazzle anyone looking at her, and can shoot arrows made of sunlight from her bow). Her bracelet, on the other hand, allows her to access the Purviews of Prophecy and Mystery- the former needs no explanation, and the latter allows her an understanding of connections that most people can't see.

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