Chapter 17: Week 13: Mood: Willfull


That's right! Don't stand in our way; we've got numbers to do!
And giant stacks of riches to roll around in, maybe diving about like Scrooge McDuck.
Oh, and a crystal to get. That, too.

Oh, and also: The treasury is a reliable source of +1 willful should we visit again, as it is now a normal weekend activity.

You tuck the box in your pocket. You can show it to your mentor later and get instructions on what to do next.
I wonder: is there really any sense in, like, voting for what we're doing next weekend? It sounds to me like, having come this far, we can't *not* go see Julianna.

Our skills. The number on that accounting check is 60, by the way.

Been there, done that, will be getting the wedding dress.

Wow, man. Look at those numbers go up.

Anyway, on to the end-of-week scene!

This happens from time to time: someone's being made to stand before the queen's justice.

This relates to something someone pointed out about the Ixion thing...
And that's that the bulk of our noblemen appear to be bad people. This guy looks like a pretty nasty person.
So we've got Lucille, we've got Duke Supersmug, and now we've got the Earl of Jerk.
I mean, Julianna's OK. And that's about it. Dad's alright, one presumes.

But I'm thinking maybe it's OK that Elodie's marrying outside the country, is all I'm saying.

"Which sister?"
I'm going to assume that Elodie knows about the 'his dad sure must have gotten around' thing.

His profile says she's still alive, so it must not have worked.

I bet she was a huge jerk. That's my guess as to what was hidden in this check -- I've seen what was in it, but I can't actually recall. Background info, and I'm guessing it relates to jerkishness, because it involves Novan nobility.

"She is unharmed. We caught the culprit in the kitchens before anyone could eat her foul spew."

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Yeah, I'd believe that of his family.
"Lied to her, they did, when she went to see why he'd not come back. Said he'd gone for a soldier, when he never would! He weren't the only one neither. I waited ten years for my chance to get my own back. That's justice!"

"You see? She's completely unrepentant! Hang her and be done with it."

But she didn't succeed. We can't check her reasoning because we're not good enough at intrigue, and we're a pink adorable princess.

Lots of options here...

Can I ask something...Do we really need to vote on what we're doing or if we'll agree to become a magical girl? After coming this far?