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    Yazon Skała

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Dwarf

    Age: 42 (30s HPME*)

    Profession: Watchman Initiate of Watchtower

    Description: Yazon is a man of short and stout stature, as is typical for dwarves. His skin is white, though tanned by the sun. His beard is a magnificent example of it's kind. It is sleek and blond and is gathered in one tight braid that reached down to his belt. His hair is likewise blond and almost as neatly groomed. His clothing is sturdy and made for ease of movement, but it's still of fine craftsmanship.

    Personality: Yazon is a level headed, practically minded individual. He's all about doing things in the most efficient manner possible and getting it done right. He's generally a good humored man, though fierce when crossed.

    • A wide brimmed hat

    • Armour: Capeline helmet, chainmail, gauntlets
    • Bearded axe
    • Crossbow

    • Other weapons

    Abilities: Yazon possesses no special abilities or powers beyond his years of combat training and experience.

    Backstory: Yazon spent his early years living in an underground community of primarily dwarves. He took a shine to combat at an early age and later joined the local militia. A few years later he moved to a larger city and joined the army. Since then he has been serving on and off in active duty, later even leading some squads of his own. Recently before he came to the Nexus the standing army was disbanded. He decided then to see if he could find somewhere to put his talents to use.

    Miscellaneous: Yazon has a pet crow that can often be found near him, especially when he's outdoors. The crow's name is Urist.

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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