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Thread: Concentric circles: Necrothieism [PEACH]

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    A few fluff adjustments to make it fit better but yes it would synergize quite nicely. I like the purpose mechanic, that looks good. It reminds me a little of a cyborg undead Valkyrie concept I was playing around with.

    1) Your don't so much absorb your amour as summon it from somewhere else.
    2) Its not so much your amour as armor that you have custodianship of and have attuned to. Its likely very much older than you and persists after your death.
    3) The capstone ability allows you to become the awakened amour/construct if you die whilst wearing it.

    The alternative take on the concept is that it would be a suit of amour and not a in of itself class. The difference is that it absorbs a lot of the XP you gain whilst wearing it (simulating it siphoning off part of the growth of your soul), leveling up almost like some sort of warforged cohort or companion.

    Could do with a pure melee weapon version to complement it, where the purpose is similar to a favored enemy (destroy rather than protect).


    "...Worker? You might say that; I believe that everyone who has been through hear, for whom this place embodies their hopes and dreams leave a little bit of themselves behind. Their spirits are in the wall, the floors, in the very stones. It is a temple; not to your false gods but a temple to the very soul of the people. Whilst this place stands we will never truly die, and it will stand while there is breath in my body. It is my honor and privilege to tend to this place and you should think very long and hard before disrespecting it ...foreigner."
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