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Fill your boots mate. I wouldn't have posted it if I wasn't happy for people to use it.

They follow their own sociological and moral construct interdependent of the alignment system. I imagine that the forces of "evil" created the necromantic lexicon as a kind of negative healing lore as opposed to the divine healing used by the forces of "good", therefore the first generation of spell would have been evil and quite possibly traps. However this society has taken necromancy away from its roots and developed it in ways that the original authors would not have considered or approved off. Its kind of like the story of prometheius stealing fire from the gods (It may lead to a fable/myth of "the one benevolent good" who gave them the hidden secrets of necromancy and was destroyed for it but it may not jive with the vibe).
The amount of jiving I'd see with this would vary depending on what the gods are in your setting. If they're bound entirely to their portfolio or precept then it wouldn't make much sense unless there was a god of "giving humans knowledge" or something. If they're simply mortals with huge power then they are individuals capable of doing this and the necrocracy would be against the pantheon's institution rather than gods as a race as it were.