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    Default Ravenous Epoch (Martial School) (Abandoned)

    Before we continue I must warn you that I have nearly no experience whatsoever dealing with martial classes. I cannot begin to fathom why I feel the urge to create this. But that's just how I work I guess- impulse.

    I'll only be posting these one level at a time, because as I said I have no idea what I'm doing so I'm going to take it slow. Don't want to write up the whole thing only to have to go back and redo it all :P That... and the mood wore off in addition to it being late.

    Ravenous Epoch
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    Ravenous Epoch maneuvers focus on manipulating time and perceptions of time in order to perform unique tricks. They rely on speed and cunning with the occasional set up for overwhelming force using small attacks... in vast amounts.
    The first disciple of Ravenous Epoch, it's creator, was Nikolea Hamilton. An aristocrat by birth she was raised in the arms of nobility during a time when eastern sages were making pilgrimage through their kingdom bringing with them tales of sorcery and spirits. Nikolea was involved in a short romantic endeavor that ended in tragedy, a reoccurring theme for her. Her life continued to repeat the same horrors time and time again. Every cause she joined, every friend she made. They were all stripped away from her one after another. She was constantly out of time, always too late, never at a more then moments of peace.
    The kingdom fell apart and her family along with several others were driven off in brutal hunts from which she took refuge with one of the traveling sages with whom she learned to defend herself and pursue personal growth.
    Nikolea grew, and grew. She became a master and remained in solitude within her quarters until she vanished. Some say they've met the master, seen her at momentous occasions... but dropped it when they realize that the woman was too young to be the master.
    New disciples are made whenever she makes an appearance, when she takes someone as an apprentice before letting them loose back among the world.
    These wanderers keep to themselves as if watching, and waiting.
    These disciples are not often seen in combat, not having to as they danger with ease, but when they do they favor thrown weapons or, rarely, a bow.

    Key skill: Sense Motive. Discerning the patterns in the flow of time is remarkably similar to reading others to intuit what they are playing at.

    Weapons: Daggers, Shuriken and Darts are the primary weapons used by the Ravenous Epoch. Throwing weapons in general are open for use. A disciple should choose any three thrown weapons to be marked as their associated weapons for this discipline.

    First Level:
    Echo Fist (Strike): An attack that echos in the targets mind.
    Backflash (Counter): Enemy striking you flickers, and for a moment appears as he did many years ago.
    Time Snap (Strike): You halt time just long enough to deliver a second attack.
    Time Lag (Stance): You thicken the flow of time in the area around you, slowing down your opponents.
    Temporal Grace (Boost): You push time out away from your body, loosening its grasp upon you as your body slips out of focus to those observing you.


    First Level-

    Echo Fist
    Ravenous Epoch (Strike)
    xxx 1
    Initiation Action: Standard action
    Range:see text
    Duration: 1 round
    Save: 11+Cha mod

    A sharp attack that plays with the victim's perceptions of time, inducing powerful déjà vu.

    As part of this maneuver make a basic attack. If you hit, you deal damage as normal but the target becomes shaken as well.

    Ravenous Epoch (Counter)
    xxx 1
    Initiation Action: Immediate Action
    Range: 10 feet per IL
    Target: see text
    Duration: 1 round per IL
    Save: 11+Cha mod

    As your target strikes at you, the time drains away from them as if a dam has been broken. They rapidly lose time, reverting to a younger version of themselves in seconds.

    You may initiate this counter whenever you're attacked. Your opponent has to succeed on a Fort save. On a failed save the time gets stolen from them.
    The target suffers the effects of two negative levels. These levels are not lost... just locked away. The target gets reduced two age categories, which can't kill it but at worst leave them as a young teenager. Multiple uses

    Time Snap
    Ravenous Epoch (Strike)
    xxx 1
    Initiation Action: Standard action
    Range:see text
    Duration: 1 round
    Save: 11+Cha mod

    Letting your power flair, you stop time just long enough to attack once more before anyone has a say in the matter.

    When you initiate this maneuver you can make two basic attacks at -2 to the attack roll.
    For every 4 ranks you have in Sense Motive, you get +1 to your attacks.

    Time Lag
    Ravenous Epoch (Stance)
    xxx 1
    Initiation Action: Swift action
    Target: You
    Duration: Stance

    Focusing with some difficulty you feel the flow of time. Reaching out, you take hold of it and gather it around you, slowing any who try to get too close.

    When you initiate this boost the air around you ripples and color seems muted.
    All squares in a radius of 5 feet around you count as difficult terrain, including air squares.
    For every 5 ranks you have in Sense Motive this can extends an extra 5 feet away from you. If you have 8 or more ranks in Sense Motive, this effect ignores Freedom of Movement.
    Your own movement isn't limited in any way by this boost, and difficult terrain is left behind as you move.

    Temporal Grace
    Ravenous Epoch (Boost)
    xxx 1
    Initiation Action: Swift action
    Target: you.
    Duration: 3 rounds.

    You take a deep breath and exhale, relaxing your body attempting to ease yourself out of time's grasp.

    While you remain in this stance you increase your speed by 5ft with a +2 to tumble and escape artist checks.
    For every 5 ranks in Sense Motive you double these effects and gain +2 to reflex saves. At rank 10 you are under the effects of Freedom of Movement.
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