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    I find this incredibly interesting. A part of me is trying to figure out how to run the darn thing and coming up a little blank. While D&D and pathfinder work for foriegners, sooner or later a player will want to come from there.

    Thank you.

    I am currently working on a l larger concentric circle setting and this idea came to me whilst posting on Undead evil. It was too delicious to abandon so I rerigged both it and my setting to better fit. Its more of a faction write up then a complete world at the moment. What you could do is alter it a bit to fit in with yours or others work.

    I am noodling around and writing up race stuff for this setting here if its of any use to you.

    I am also working on an updated and expanded cosmology, I will post this in its current state here if you particularly want it.

    Alternatively for your perusal some of the foreigners I was conceiving when I wrote this (they are not particularly fully fleshed out right now but it is a start:


    Mad bad and dangerous to know. Their are numerous topics on Fae, I was thinking fae based of the classical blood drenched folk tales rather than anything by Tolkeen

    I envisage that elves at least around the former necrotheistic empire where once a major power that clashed with the early empire in the same way that Carthage clashed with Rome, and like Carthage they where destroyed. Now there are some very bitter elven remnants out there general stirring up trouble and looking to take back some of what they lost.

    The Southern theocracy

    They where once a persecuted religious movement in the days of the old empire. With the chaos of the fall they where able to seize much of the imperial heartlands including the founding city. They believe that the universe itself is a vast incomprehensible Cthulian god. The believe that the souls of mortals are fragments of the divinity of this god and that instead of being obliterated souls that fade or are consumed by the duality are returned to merge the great god. They are currently divided on whether the other gods are servants of the universal god, whether they are enemies of the real god or weather they are worthy of worship in their own right or not.

    The Allied lands

    This is the name of a fractious association of small republics, city state, duchies and principalities. They worship a shared pantheon with each state having its own patron deity that it worships above but not to the exclusion of the other gods. It is a land where loyalty to the nation is not a well trafficked concept; instead people are loyal to individual persons, to organizations like guilds, knightly or religious orders, mercenary or merchant companies and so on and so forth.

    The allied part of the name is deceptive. It has never been at peace since its formation. In theory the lands send representatives to a biannual conclave to decide on the greater matters, announce joint initiative and resolve disputes. In reality the conclave is a vicious hive of political and literal backstabbing, a place of plotting and secret deals; lies, misinformation and roomer are the order of the day.

    The llans

    These are territories ruled over by the settled barbarian tribes. They straddle the outlying areas and frontiers of the old empires. These are a wild almost lawless place where a mans rights are determined by the weight of his sword arm. These lands are divided up into areas ruled over by tribal confederacies and clanns. They are poorly developed and vicious feuds and border raids are daily realities here.

    People worship gods, dragons, titans, trolls, devils, fiends and Alfar in any which way but loose.Power is power and the world is a dangerous place for mortals they will worships anything with power to share really; they don't discriminate.


    I imaging that fiends are devils (good), daemons (evil) and elementals (dijjin: neutral). They make pacts, grant wishes and claim souls. They are strongly aligned with vices, virtues, strong emotions and pleasures. The souls that they claim are brought to their home plains and they either torment, enslave or enshrined them in early paradises; the energy they extract from the soul is used to empower them and sustain their home plane. Given enough time most souls will merge with the plain; strengthening it. A small minority of strong willed individuals are changed into yet more fiends. Djjin are a little different, they collect and enslave souls but they don't need them to sustain their home plains as they reside in the young energetic planes of the elemental maelstrom.
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