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Thread: Concentric circles: Necrothieism [PEACH]

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    Some very neat ideas. I like it.

    The original post says that in the setting "it is assumed that good and evil do have objective verifiable existence", yet shortly thereafter you say that in the land of the necrotheists "men are free to decide for themselves what is right or wrong". If moral values are objectively demonstrable, then a man seeking to decide for himself what is right or wrong is like a man who seeks to decide for himself what 2+2 is, isn't he?
    Some sort of necessarily illogical rebel?

    Also, if I were to abhor the gods because they want to punish/reward me in an afterlife based on my deeds, instead seeking to take control of my own "afterlife" through necromancy so that they have no power over me anymore and thus cannot "bully" me into being a nice person, then wouldn't I feel similarly about worldly authority who seeks to punish me for my deeds? What makes the lich judge fit to decide over my fate based on my actions, but not the divine judge? Or to phrase it differently: Why are the necrotheists willing to conform to the rules of the undead state instead of their own if they aren't even willing to conform to the objectively given rules of the cosmos?

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    Sorry for being overly pendantic.
    My note below is pedantic too, but I hope you appreciate it instead of being annoyed by it.

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    Antitheist would be more appropriate, since it would roughly mean "against the gods." Necrotheist would roughly mean "Death is god." Though the latin kinda breaks down well before this point since necromancy roughly means "talking to the dead."
    None of the involved words is Latin at all.
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