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    Despoiler of Entropy

    Dessel Von the Despoiler, imposing on a Daelkyr

    There are monsters in existence that are twisted and vile. There are creatures that are only out to bring disorder to the entire multiverse. Despoilers know that not all of these creatures can help themselves in these matters, it is their nature. This does not mean they are not lawbreakers, and all lawbreakers must be brough to justice. The Despoilers of Entropy are a rare and powerful rank of lawgiver that works in the name of Sul Primus so that it's justice may spread. Where chaos falters, law must be there to fill in the gaps and organize.

    Ri Tul om dumas Von Ri.

    Design Notes
    This is a class designed around the Pathfinder system, and is centered into the Nation of the Dead setting canon, though it can easily be used in any other setting where supernatural law is prevalent.

    This is also my first class in aaaages, and I'm feeling unconfident in my homebrewing skills from being so incredibly rusty. I fear lots of confusing wording or confusing rules. If that's the case, please let me know.

    Becoming a Despoiler of Entropy
    The calling of ultimate law does not fall upon many. There are very few creatures in the multiverse that are capable of such incredible order that they can be such an imposition on those that relish disorder. As such, there are only 50 despoilers brought into their order every 250 years, plus an additional one for every one killed before appropriate recruitment. This class is obtainable only by outsiders, so many creatures enter this class without class levels and instead expand on their own natural abilities. Some do enter with previous class levels, commonly a warrior class of some sort or even as a cleric. Clerics are uncommon though, as the class does not increase the spellcasting prowess of the character.

    HD: d8

    Race: Any nonchaotic outsider or construct with the Extraplanar subtype OR any living humanoid that can trace their lineage to such an extraplanar being within the past ten generations.
    Alignment: Lawful neutral. If you were previously a lawful good or lawful evil outsider, you must forsake your stance on morality in order to clash with chaos.
    Skills: Knowledge (the planes) 5 ranks, Intimidation or Diplomacy 5 ranks
    Feats: Great Fortitude, Iron Will
    Special: You must recieve your personal brand from the Authority of High Dictum, the overarching sentient government enforcement of Sul Primus. Must speak the Menta Von language.

    Class Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Fly, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nobility), Knowledge (planes), Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft and Swim.
    Skill-points per level: 4+Int modifier

    1st|+0|+1|+0|+1|Imposition, brand, lawful subtype
    2nd|+1|+2|+0|+2|First authority
    3rd|+2|+2|+1|+2|Hammer of the law
    4th|+3|+3|+1|+3|Second authority
    6th|+4|+4|+2|+4|Third authority
    7th|+5|+4|+2|+4|Voice of dictum
    8th|+6|+5|+2|+5|Fourth authority
    9th|+6|+5|+3|+5|Full jurisdiction
    10th|+7|+6|+3|+6|Ultimate authority

    Weapon and armor proficiencies: A despoiler of entropy does not gain any additional weapon or armor proficiencies.

    Imposition (Su): The very first power that is granted to the new Von is that of the Imposition. This ability works exclusively on creatures of a chaotic alignment with a character level equal to or less than the despoiler's, and are within 30 feet of the despoiler. It is usable a number of times per day equal to your despoiler of entrpy level plus your Cha modifier, as a standard action. When used against a chaotic foe, it allows the despoiler to hammer the tiniest bit of order into the lawbreaker's essence. This causes the creature to focus entirely on the them, and granting it a +2 bonus on all attacks against the despoiler. However, this causes them to lose focus on all others, who consider the lawbreaker to be flat-footed against their attacks and take a penalty to their armor class equal to the despoiler's class level. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter or until the despoiler decides to stop the effect. As the class progresses, they gain additional effects added to their imposition. These abilities last as long as their spell effect intends, not after(or before) the imposition would normally end.
    If the despoiler is wielding their brand while using the imposition class feature the are granted a protection from chaos effect for the imposition's duration. At 9th level, this effect becomes that of a shield of law spell.

    Brand (Ex): Upon taking your first level in this class and gaining the authority of the Imposition, you are also granted a weapon or tool marked with your personal symbol as given by higher authorities of Sul Primus. This is usually in the shape of a weapon the despoiler is proficient with, such as a staff or sword emblazoned with the symbol. The weapon comes with a +2 enhancement bonus and can be enhanced further by anyone with the Craft Magical Arms and Armor feat, just as a normal weapon.
    When their brand is in their possession, and they use their Imposition class feature the brand glows with the brighness of a torch. Whether or not the brand glows, when they wield the brand they are granted a bonus to diplomacy and intimidate checks against creatures of lawful alignment equal to their class level. When affected by an imposition, the imposed creature bears an obvious, identical mark though it does not grant and bonuses to skills.

    Lawful Subtype (Ex): The final mark as a Von of Sul Primus is a full integration into the ultimate law of the plane. The despoiler gains the Lawful subtype.

    First Authority (Su): At second level, you are granted the privilege of your station to have authority over law breakers on both a mortal and cosmic scale. Whenever you use your Imposition ability while wielding your brand, you also affect the target chaotic creature with a touch of idiocy effect. If the target is an outsider with the chaotic subtype, the penalties from the effect are instead turned to ability damage. The DC of this ability is equal to 10+(character level/2)+Cha modifier and affects them even if the target creature is immune to enchantment effects.
    This ability also grants the despoiler the use of charm monster at will, but only effects outsiders of lawful alignment. At fifth level, it works on all creatures of lawful alignment.

    Hammer of the Law (Su): At third level, the despoiler becomes powerful in the face of chaos. When wielding their brand, the despoiler treats it as an axiomatic weapon. Additionally, all spells and spell-like abilities used against creatures of a chaotic alignment recieve a +1 to their save DC's.
    At 7th level, the despoiler is also granted a +2 on all attack rolls against chaotic creatures, and a +2 effective caster level with all spells and effects against chaotic creatures.

    Second Authority (Su): This ability is granted at 4th level, and works just as the first authority class feature with the following changes; The target chaotic creature is affected by a hold monster effect, and if the target creature is an outsider with the chaotic subtype, it may also affect them with a suggestion effect. The DC of this ability is equal to 10+(character level/2)+Cha modifier and affects them even if the target creature is immune to enchantment effects.
    Additionally, the despoiler can use suggestion at will, but only effects outsiders of lawful alignment. At seventh level, it works on all creatures of lawful alignment.

    Authoritarian (Ex): At 5th level, the despoiler of entropy is capable of imposing it's laws on lawbreakers en masse instead of singularly. This feature allows them to use two authority class features on the same creature while using the Imposition class feature, as a full round action and only if the despoiler is wielding her brand.

    Third Authority (Su): This ability is granted at 6th level, and works just as the first authority class feature with the following changes; It must be used by making a touch attack action against the target chaotic creature. If the effect hits and the lawbreaker fails their saving throw, it affects them with a dispel chaos effect. If the affected creature is an outsider with the chaotic subtype, they recieve a -2 penalty to the save against the effect.
    This ability also grants the despoiler the use of charm monster at will and does not allow a save, but only effects outsiders of lawful alignment. At ninth level, it works on all creatures of lawful alignment.

    Voice of Dictum (Sp): At 7th level, the despoiler of entropy is capable of shouting the commandments of the laws of Sul Primus audibly against the enemies of order. This allows her to use dictum at will as a spell-like ability. This requires the speaking of appropriate Sul Primus laws in Menta Von, but effects creatures that don't understand the language anyway.

    Fourth Authority (Su): This ability is granted at 8th level, and works just as the first authority class feature with the following changes; When used against a chaotic creature, it activates a plane shift effect that accurately transports the lawbreaker to the prison holds of Sul Primus, which is under the care of the powerful of inevitables in charge of the incarceration and imprisonment of lawbreakers. These forces are in charge with fulfillment of the creature's punishment. If the imposed creature is an outsider with the chaotic subtype, they are dealt with harshly.
    This ability also grants the despoiler the use of suggestion at will and does not allow a save, but only effects outsiders of lawful alignment.

    Full Jurisdiction (Ex): At 9th level, the despoiler of entropy is capable of using her authority in a wide area as a full round action. She may use her Imposition class feature on any number of creatures equal to her Cha modifier or less, so long as all creatures are within 30 feet of the despoiler and if the despoiler is wielding her brand. This ability still uses only a single daily use of Imposition, and is compatible with the Authoritarian class feature.

    Ultimate Authority (Su): This ability works just as the first authority, with the following exceptions; This authority is usable as a full-round action, and when used against a chaotic creature acts as a dominate monster effect. The creature must make two saves against this effect. Failing one save inflicts only the dominate effect, but failing both imposes the refined template. The DC of this ability is equal to 10+(character level/2)+Cha modifier and is incompatible with the Authoritarian and Full Jurisdiction class features.

    Playing a Despoiler of Entropy
    A despoiler is a class that does not easily suit any one base class, and due to it's orientation around outsiders, rarely is taken with a single base class in mind, if any. The powers of the class will either augment those of the creature that takes it or simply give them a new arsenal of weapons against chaos. This is quite useful in campaigns where chaotic enemies are abound, and especially if they are chaotic outsiders.
    For DM's this class is extremely useful as a powerful opponent to chaotic PC's, as the powers of the class can leave them dead in their tracks or worse. This class could be very useful against problematic chaotic player characters.
    Combat: Though physical combat is not the strength of this class, it is also not unknown. With the powers of the brand, a despoiler can make use of their combat prowess, and especially so if their race is built in such a way as to be a warrior. The real strength of the class though is it's dominance over chaotic foes and it's spell-like effects. When it comes to chaotic enemies or lawful underlings, there is no greater neutralizer than the Despoiler.
    Advancement: If the player chooses, this class can be of use to any path they decide to proceed down. Be it combat, power effectiveness or social prowess, the despoiler can easily dominate. However, spellcasting is left by the wayside, as the powers of this class are singular, and powers such as arcane magics are too varied and frequent utility in conjunction with this class.
    Resources: The greatest resource for this class is strangely enough, those that primarily feature monsters. These books allow use of this class with outsiders represented in the books, who can be altered to fit a game or used as is with a few additional despoiler levels.

    Despoilers of Entropy in the World
    -Qr'i, an imposed imentesh

    The Despoilers of Entropy possess only one place in the multiverse. They are agents meant to police and punish the enemies of law, and thus they do little else but provide this policing. The nature of the creature is altered, sometimes dramatically in order for this to be so. It is not uncommon for despoilers to never end their duties, even for centuries.
    Daily Life: The daily life of the despoiler is that of duty. Each and every moment is filled with ever-vigilant dominion over lawbreakers in all their forms. There is no rest, there is no pleasure. There is only law.
    Notables: The most powerful despoiler of entropy is a kolyarut by the name of Septim Von, an accomplished fighter and high ranking member of Sul Primus authority. Because of his station as a despoiler of entropy, he cannot exceed the rank of Von. If not for that, he would likely achieve the rank of Prim, the highest non-divine ranking in the plane.
    Organizations: There is only one organization of the despoilers of entropy, and that is the authority of Sul Primus. No others may command their order, and they follow the laws of the plane without fail.

    NPC Reactions
    Many of the powerful kingdoms of Tanzen recognize these soldiers of Sul Primus as a useful force in Peth. Many of the freely minded members of the kingdom do not agree, and this is only because they are to be the next victims of their dictum... or so the creed of the despoilers explains sensibly.
    Members of Arcnus Mortis do not feel the force of these creatures is unwanted, and only see fault with the fact that most of these creatures are indeed technically alive. Many powerful extraplaner undead have even tried to enter this class, but as of yet have not achieved the power.
    The authority of the despoilers in Shello is unknown, as the very nature of the nation of magic leaves many mysteries. One of the traits the despoilers do not appreciate and always fight against.

    Despoilers of Entropy in the Game
    This class may be very powerful in games where chaotic creatures, such as proteans, daelkyr or demons are many. If creatures the players face are frequently lawful or even neutral, this class could lose most or all of it's effectiveness. For balance, a good DM should use a balance of chaotic and nonchaotic enemies if a player chooses to be this class.
    As a DM, this class follows similar usefulness. If the party is mostly chaotic, creatures with this class can be exceedingly powerful and bring them to their knees easily. If the group is lawful, the class is either useless as a foe, or powerful as an ally. Neutral parties would see members of this class as mostly ineffective.
    Adaptation: This class can be adapted many different ways. Because of the nonstandard nature of the class, it could be bend into being more useful for warriors, by increasing combat prowess while taking away effectiveness of their spell effects. It could also be made more useful to spellcasting outsiders, by taking away their combat prowess and grant the class a spellcasting progression. It makes the most sense to tie this class to divine spellcasting, as the style of the class fits the devotion of many a cleric.
    Encounters: Typically, PC's can expect this class to arrive when they have broken laws that many can see, or have committed a string of broken laws over a long period of time that have caught the despoiler's eye, or the eye of his overseers. Chaotic creatures should rightly fear when a despoiler shows up, as they are the most vulnerable to their powers.

    Sample Encounter
    Metsid Von (CR 16, Kolyarut Despoiler of Entropy 4) is a relatively young Kolyarut, having been forged in the furnaces of Sul Primus merely 225 years prior. As predicted, Metsid showed usefulness as a soldier and lawbringer in the name of Sul Primus and order in general. He became a despoiler on the 75th anniversary of his forging. He was gifted with a new blade, that bore the brand of his authority: A circle with three horizontal lines at it's center, emblazoned in blue.
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