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    Alias : Altar
    Gender : Male
    Race/Species : Human (Resurrected)
    Age : Looks like in his 24's.
    Alignment : True Neutral, until certain events changes him.
    Class/Profession : Traveler
    Power Rating : He looks E, but his capabilities are C-
    Description :
    Slightly tall, thin build, his face somewhat angular. Wears clothes fit for any type of adventure. Brown-black hair, dark blue eyes.

    Personality :
    Having no memory of anything, he's only determined to know his past, and what is his true purpose. He is naive on pretty much everything.

    Equipment :
    Traveler's clothing, a small backpack, a cloak. Throwing knives and a small dagger.

    Abilities :
    The ability to nullify physical attacks.

    Backstory :
    Several hundred years ago, an infamous wizard roam across the lands. Not caring about anything, he takes anything he wants among others. He is known to be very powerful, as he was able to topple an entire army with his powerful magic. Hated by many, they banded a group of wizards and magicians to cast a curse onto him. He was not aware of it, and so he was not prepared for the curse. It was successful, and his body and soul was sealed.

    At the present, several individuals wished to resurrect the infamous wizard, to know his secrets and spells. But the process was interrupted, and it was a failure. His body was freed from the curse, but the knowledge he had was not recovered. He is an empty shell. He was discarded by these individuals, like trash. He only has cloak with him, and he wandered off to find a purpose in his life. While walking away, he tries to remember what his past like, but only saw the first moments of his resurrection. An altar in front of him, individuals circled around him, a cave.. He was confused.. why can't he remember anything?

    Weeks passed, as he travel the plains, he was attacked by a thief. He was defenseless, as he had nothing to use. But, as the thief attacked, something happened. The thief's knife bounced off the wizard's body, like it hit metal. He attempted to thrust his knife on the man's chest, but yet again it didn't work. After several strikes, he backed away and ran.

    After the attack, he had a flashback. He saw himself, studying these unknown books in a dirty room. As he was watching himself studying, his old self took a small dagger from the table's drawer, and tries to cut his left forearm himself with it. As he tried, not a scratch was seen on the forearm. After that, his flashback ended.

    He discovered that he had the capability to resist or to nullify a physical attack against him. But for some reason, he did not know how to perform this feat. Perhaps it is his subconscious mind that let him performed it. But he didn't thought about it any longer. He just know he can defend himself now.

    As he continues his path, he stumbles across a small group of people in a campfire. They're all travelers, wandering around the plains. They humbly welcomed the man, letting him sit near them. As they talk about their adventures, their stories, their experiences, but one of them asked who he is. Not knowing his name, he called himself the first thing he saw when he
    was resurrected. Altar.
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