Having just read Scroll of the Fallen Races, a book which is essentially about two groups of largely reasonable superhuman beings that have become oppressed minorities due to Humans having demigod-weaponry superglued to their souls, I kinda want to play in a game where a bunch of Jadeborn and Dragon Kings meet in a bar, get heavily drunk, rant incoherently for several hours and swear a magically-enforced pact (That a Fiend at the next table was only too happy to sanction) to pursue a quest one of them noted down on a napkin.

Opreration KICK EVREA ASS:

1: Find Autocluth Autocubble OTTOCOBBLES.
2: Make him mace extaltians that work forr us

Also, one member of the group is a Dragonblooded who was too heavily intoxicated to even know what he was enthusiastically yelling "HELL YEAH!" about.

"This plan makes absolutely no sense! I've never even heard of this "Great Maker" deity, and even if your heretical religion has any truth to it, I already have a- How did you put it? -"Extaltian"! I stand to gain nothing from your rambling excuse for a quest!"

"No no, this works out, you can help us bypass the Geas."

"You're actually thinking of going through with this madness?"

"Do you want to break a pact that lets the Ebon Dragon decide how our punishment is enforced?"

"...I'll go pack some supplies."