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And he was British Army. Make yer proud to be British, don't it, British ponies? Don't mess with us, or you literally won't see it coming...!
Aye. Anecdote has it there are two kinda of marines in the US, new marines and old ones. New marines talk a good game about putting their British counterpart in its place. Old marines lay a hand gently on their shoulder and say "shut up before they hurt you and show some damn respect".

Part of being told this story is that I was charged with passing it on. Like some sort of old boat guy what rhymes, almost an ancient mariner, if you will, I have partially discharged this duty.

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My, what convenient timing. Somepony get Scootaloo a set of gills and let's get on this thing!
Alas, I have no music powers.

There's also an interesting article on the MLP game from Gameloft, courtesy of CNET. It's pretty negative, but I'm in agreement with them. You can't get Rainbow Dash without dropping 50 bucks, and you can't finish the game without getting Rainbow Dash. I bought the Final Fantasy War of the Lions App for less than $20 and that game is approximately 5,000,000 times better than the pony game.* It's seriously ridiculous.
I don't know. I mean, think about it. It's a free game that does really well up until that point. They obviously want some profit, and I think they did a rather swell job with the set up. Especially since they had a Scootasale, they'd probably have a RainbowGrab too.

Honestly, I like the game because zooming in and watching ponies prance makes me happy.

*Ponified Final Fantasy Tactics would be one of the greatest things ever and there is a distinct lack of it.
It would be weird, actually, based on the sprites they use. Having your guy change from earth pony to Pegasus to unicorn and back. And the plot, I mean, seriously, how would you rewrite that or pony?

No seriously, I'm all ears.