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    Take a look at this:

    I really disagree with the entire "lvl. max is for reallly old people" - thingy. The exp-system is for PC's, and is an abstraction. Besides, wouldn't people do their adventuring early in life? People can very well stay singlelevelled their entire life and live a meaningful life of accomplishments and learning. Anyways:

    Lvl. 5 - about the turning point of humanly possible and heroic. If a RL person could have done it, he's probably not above lvl. 5/6 - ish. Then we're into heroic material. Einstein? 5th Lvl. expert. Tony Stark? Probably some lvl.s above (I don't believe even Einstein could have "picked up" Quantum physics overnight, apart from him allready knowing it.). Do note, poor builds can drag this down a lvl. or 3.

    As a note: I'd stat myself out as a 1st lvl. something, possibly 1st lvl. commoner or aristocrat.

    So, my best guess:

    Lvl. 1 - most people. Lvl. 1's range from skilled (commoner, profesion(sailor) maxed out, some skillpoints in knowledges, skill focus(sailor) and perhaps some combat related feat.) to basketweavers, depending on build.

    2-3 - Clearly above avarage. Think of that person that seems to simply be better than anyone else at what he does, this is him. Could stem from experience, money (medieval times...), force of spirit or whatever.

    4 - Well, well above avarage. Could be an olympic athlete or the diplomat that single-handedly turns the tides.

    5 - As above, think top notch RL humans, the once in a generation football player, Beethoven.

    6- The stuff of legends. You're not quite sure if anyone has ever had so much skill at hand(lvl. 6 character can quite easily (4 feats) excel in a lot of fields, better than any commoner).

    7- My personal "Spend 4 months in the busiest port in the country, looking for a captain to haul insanely important cargo? This is about him" - point of my own campaign.

    8-10 - You are well known, once your feats (not the mechanic :P ) Gets known. You could take out pretty much anyone in LOTR. The doctor would be impressed to see you do your thing.

    Above - You can (6 more ranks) do as good work as any craftsman without the tools or aid or anything. You solve stuff by thinking hard at it.

    Now, I'm no master of E6. From guides I hear that ECL of an E6 char max out at about 10, with an insane amount of feats. So I'd put the NPC-max at around that, with NPC-levels or something.
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