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    Oops. I meant to post here before I started in MaGLoG, but I got distracted. That happens.

    Jacen Vallarm

    Alias: None, although he usually prefers to drop the "n" in his first name

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Age: Around 19

    Alignment: NG

    Class: Sorcerer (Arcane)

    Power Rating: Let's say C+ for now

    Description: Around 5' 10," rather thin. His hair is a dark brown, and while rarely combed, it isn't too messy. He prefers to wear something blue, even when not wearing his favorite cloak

    Personality: He can be easily irritated, but making him actually angry is more difficult; usually doing so requires insulting or threatening his familiar, who he is very protective of. Still, his good nature means he'll cool down very quickly. Otherwise, he's relatively outgoing, talkative, and does his best to be polite (although his best isn't great). He's very fond of the color blue.

    Equipment: His boots and gloves are brown leather. His clothes in general are of good quality but nothing too special. His cloak, however, is finely made and deep blue. It has a minor enchantment to shrug off damage, but it doesn't do too much besides make him feel safer.
    He carries a Handy Haversack in the form of a satchel that carries his equipment, which for the most part is standard adventurer gear you'd expect from the party mage. He also has a completely ordinary dagger.
    Around his neck or in his bag are a pair of oversized goggles that help him see in the dark despite their mundane (and relatively goofy) appearance. He made them himself, and is proud of it.

    Abilities: Jace is a gifted spellcaster, although his talents are mostly in blowing things up, enchantments, and creating magic items. He's decent in most magic he tries, but rarely, if ever, uses Conjuration (or Divination outside of Identification spells), and has never touched Necromancy.
    He's also a surprisingly decent musician, specializing in vocals and piano.

    Backstory: Raised in a small town, he worked for nearly everyone due to a habit of getting fired for accidentally blowing things up. Caused usually by getting angry at someone for making fun of him/his family for his tendency of blowing things up. Still, all things considered it was surprisingly non-hostile, although those years made him resistant to insults (to himself, at least) and gave him little tolerance for bullies. He left home on good terms to wander after calling his familiar in a forested area near his home. Other companions include an adventuring party that temporarily broke up after a war called several of them home. He has always had a relatively bad sense of direction, and gets lost quickly. Sometimes so bad it's not surprising if he finds himself in another world.


    Gender: Male

    Species: Pocket Dragon

    Age: About 4

    Alignment: NG

    Role: Familiar

    Description: About seven inches tall, Zebes' scales are best described as the color of a copper-gold alloy, being in between both metals in color. He has small ear-fins which are usually expressive of his mood, a few short spines along his back, and a pair of horns on the back of his head. His snout is slightly round in shape, and his tail ends in a small spade. His wings are of normal proportions, with the membranes being a red-orange.

    Personality: Sarcastic and full of snark, but he knows when to shut up. Although chatty, he usually lets Jace talk for him until someone's given permission for him to communicate telepathically, since he can't vocalize any language besides basic Draconic. He's very loyal to his friends, although he's a bit more cynical than Jace and is slower to trust. He likes to make nicknames for people, (he calls Jace "Boss" as a gag because he was told not to call him "Master.") but he usually uses their name when talking directly to them, if he knows it. Despite his small stature, he still considers himself a full-fledged dragon and is proud of his role of a familiar, and therefore is extremely indignant should anyone insinuate or outright call him a pet. Despite what he or Jace say, however, he's never actually bitten anyone's fingers off for using the "p" word.

    Equipment: Zebes' only real possessions are the ornament he wears: a small silver breastplate with a rosy quartz set in the middle, which hangs from fine chains between his neck and forelegs; and a small, elegant harmonica
    He also sometimes uses one of the wands tucked in Jace's things, but doing so is difficult for him, so he never actually carries one.

    Abilities: As a dragon, albeit a tiny one, he can breathe fire for short periods of time in a fashion similar to a blowtorch.
    He can communicate telepathically with most intelligent creatures within 100 feet
    His nature gives him some magic talent, although this extends only to the use of magic items and the most basic of cantrips.

    Backstory: Omitted due to my inability to pick one of the ones I've written.
    Misc: Despite whatever it really is, I (and therefore Jacen) pronounce his name "Zeebz" despite the consensus usually being that the word is meant to be pronounced "Zeh-bez." I kept the original spelling, though, because it looks cooler.
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