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    Claire Leveret

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Rabbit-Person

    Age: 16

    Profession: N/A

    Description: Claire is a rather short young woman. She has a pair of long rabbit ears on her head. Her has a button nose, somewhat large teeth, and her eyes are a light blue.

    During the summer months, her hair is light brown and her skin becomes a tanned colour. During the winter her hair is stark white and her skin is very pale. There is a transition period during Spring and Fall where her skin is somewhere in between the two and her hair is a blend of brown and white.

    By Myself:

    Personality: She's an overall friendly person, though she's not particularly social. She often prefers to stick with her small group of friends. She has a passion for art and will often dedicate a lot of time to it. However, when it comes to things she doesn't want to do, she can be a bit lazy.





    Backstory: Claire has had a fairly normal life so far. Or at least as normal as it can be when she spent most her life in the Nexus. It was at an early age that her family came to Inside.

    Since then she's been attending school as usual since she was old enough. She spent more of her time with her friends Dimi and Am, and with her very large family.

    Claire's Family:

    Leveret Family:
    Name Gender Age Additional Info
    Lora Leveret Female 45 Mother
    Jacob Leveret Male 44 Father
    Celia Fiver Female 26
    Penelope Lapis Female 25
    Jack Leveret Male 23 Played by Slii
    Marcia Leveret Female 21 Leslie's Twin
    Leslie Leveret Female 21 Marcia's Twin
    Garrett Leveret Male 17
    Claire Leveret Female 16
    Kyle Leveret Male 13
    Lloyd Leveret Male 11

    Fiver Family:
    Name Gender Age Additional Info
    Celia Fiver Female 26 Mother
    David Fiver Male 28 Father
    Haley Fiver Female 10 Olivia's Twin
    Olivia Fiver Female 10 Haley's Twin
    Warren Fiver Male 8
    Morgan Fiver Male 7
    Angela Fiver Female 6 Prefers Angie
    Nathan Fiver Male 5 Isabel's Twin
    Isabel Fiver Female 5 Nathan's Twin
    Kris Fiver Male 3
    Ilene Fiver Female 2
    Delaney Fiver Female 1
    Seth Fiver Male Unborn

    Lapis Family:
    Name Gender Age Additional Info
    Penelope Lapis Female 25 Mother
    Larry Lapis Male 24 Father
    Louis Lapis Male 3
    Stacy Lapis Female 2 Jill's Twin
    Jill Lapis Female 2 Stacy's Twin
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