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    Default Re: Statue of Kali from Golden Voyage of Sinbad 3.5. [PEACH]

    However, a garillon doesn't use manufactured weapons so the statue's +12/+7 melee attacks more than double the attacks a garillon can make (4 claws and bite vs. 6 swords making 2 attacks each).

    In some ways this is closer to a stone golem but doesn't have the golem's magic immunity and so is definitely less powerful in that regard (though it has far more attacks 12 vs. 2).

    I want to be careful not to overpower the statue. This is one of those cases that VT's CR Estimator doesn't cover. So let's examine another approach. One of the differences between CR 9 and CR 10 is the 5th level spells the party will have at its disposal. Hold Monster is a 5th level spell, which is pretty much the easiest way to defeat this. On the other hand, the statue has a fair shake at making its save. Let's put the DC of the spell at 19 to allow for a wizard with 18 Intelligence. The statue has +6 Will. It has to roll 13 or better on a d20. Not impossible. Slightly more difficult than average. At CR 9, hold monster isn't even an option for the party. Hence, I'm inclined to leave the CR 10.

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