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    Alias: Gan Yun

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 24

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Warrior Monk

    Power Rating: Solid C+ according to Neon Knight's scale


    *Gan has mastered the use of the Naginata and is capable of taking on multiple people in melee combat assuming they're around his power rating.
    *Unarmed Expert- Gan Yun doesn't always need to kill however, and in fact prefers to not deal fatal blows unless necessary. He was recognized as one the most effective unarmed combatant according to his temple.
    *Fleet Footed- He is quick. Very quick in fact. This allows him to circle strafe his opponents and cause much aggravation when they find that they cannot land a hit on him.
    *He is also incredibly acrobatic capable of evading attacks with a breeze and getting out of otherwise difficult situations. His fighting style includes countering and turning one's attacks against them through constant maneuvering and dodging around them.
    *Meditation- being a practitioner of his homeland's monk training, Gan has an almost inhuman ability to endure for longer than most. He hardly needs to sleep as he can channel the world's energy field to himself which keeps him going. Minor healing can be done through meditating provided he isn't in combat.
    *True Sight- One of his most important assets, Gan's true sight grants him a supernatural intuition which helps him to predict actions and events that will occur in the near future. This has helped him in many a fight, but then again, just because you know what will happen doesn't always mean you can stop it.

    Description: Gan Yun has dark hair with bangs hanging down on either side of his face as well as a short pony tail in the back. He wears a blindfold, a cape over his left arm, leather boots, and white/gold clothing familiar to his temple's order. His faint brownish skin would indicate that he is from an Eastern country in a faraway land. As a tribute to his order, he wears a circlet of golden beads around his right arm which symbolizes his status as an effective fighter.

    Equipment: Naginata polearm, an unusual emerald with magical properties, coinage from his homeland, some fish for eating, the scarf of the person he killed, and not much else. Monk don't generally carry a whole lot on them to be fair.

    Personality: Virtuous, kind, and altruistic, Gan adheres to Buddhist-like philosophies. He believes in a universal karmic system where one may achieve eternal bliss after living a fulfilling and ethical life. He doesn't care about gods or any sort of deity as their existence is irrelevant to his beliefs. He'll try to do good when he can but doesn't shove morals down other people's throats- if someone wants to suffer the penalties of karma, let them. This doesn't mean that he'll stand by and let somebody be hurt if he can help it however, rather if the deed in question is something miniscule he's not going to berate the person for the decision. That said, he doesn't necessarily hold governments to have legitimate authority over him: laws often conflict with doing the moral thing.

    Backstory: Four years ago Gan was set to fight another student of his temple, Ferin, in a duel. This trial of arms was created by the order's leaders in an effort to silence their inter-rivalry once and for all. Ever since these two began training at the early age of 6 they fostered a competitive relationship. Whether it was endurance training, sparring with spears, archery, unarmed combat or even something as neutral as spirituality, these two were always trying to one-up each other. It never turned violent however, the temple masters made sure of that.

    At the age of 20 (the time when a boy is considered to have turned a man according to their customs), this final fight was meant to determine who would become the next apprentice to the head master. As these two were the front runners for possible candidates it was only natural for there to be a final way of settling things. As the duel begun it was instantly recognizable that his would be an even fight. For 30 minutes they kept up with each other, deflecting and attacking in equal amounts. After they had both become exhausted and it looked like there wasn't going to be a clear winner, it was told that they would have to end it with a naginata fight. Were they willing to kill for the chance at becoming master or would the end the contest with a draw? The monk leaders were hoping for the latter as killing would end their candidacy for the position.

    As it happens, they both had fostered a disdain for each other for so long that they decided on the former. They both went into the fight, strength redoubled as they attempted to land the final blow. Again it seemed like neither of them would be victorious after another drawn out 5 minutes. Finally, Ferin left himself open to an attack after he overextended a slash with his weapon. Seizing this opportunity, Gan instinctively responded by a stab at his chest. It connected, and unluckily for Ferin it hit his lungs. Relieved at emerging the winner, Gan's brief sense of accomplishment turned into horror and regret. He rushed over to where his childhood rival lay and cradled him in his arms as his opponent drew his last breaths.

    "Maybe in a different life we'll meet on friendlier terms..."

    And with that he was gone. Gan felt immense sorrow at this unusual loss. To rub salt in the wounds, he was then of course told that he was no longer eligible for temple master. Out of shame and distress Gan left for faraway lands and planned on never coming back. It was when he was wandering through a canyon when he discovered a shimmering portal. This portal would lead to the nexus.

    Miscellaneous: Theme Song - Welcome to China
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