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    This cosmos is dominated by the prime axis and the great wheal, fulcrum lying at the heart of creation. Beyond lies the myriad far planes

    The Prime Axis


    There are 3 major spheres, three major over plains of the of the prime axis. These are the positive energy plain, the negative energy plain and between these the fulcrum. Interconnecting these are the essential elemental axis; three pillars that are embedded in both the positive and negative planes as well as thrust through though the centre of the wilds spheres. Laying between and around these spheres is the swirling elemental maelstrom.

    The great duality

    Some call them the font and the well, eternal light and the ultimate dark, the annihilator and the oblivion. The energy exchange between positive and negative planes is one of the prime underpinnings of the cosmos. Without this there would be nothing but a great dark empty void.

    The sun and the moon

    Some know them as the sun and the moon. It is not possible to “see” the great plains themselves for the negative plane is invisible and the positive plane would burn your eyes out to look directly upon it.

    What light the world by day is a cloud of burning plains held aloft by white hot ejecta as they slowly evaporate. These dying infernal planes are far more complex than mere fire planes, as such they play host to a far wider variety of life forms including dragons, flame djjins, salamanders, fiends, expatriate iffrittes and fire giants.

    The disk of the moon is the light reflected off of frozen planes as they are drawn in and devoured by the oblivion. These frozen realms have a timeless yet transient quality to them, they are home to Lapudians, snow Djjins and frost giants.

    The pillars of the world

    These three axis are the essential elemental vectors. Without them reality would collapse and there would be no higher elements.

    These are composed of the six essential elements. 3 negative and three positive forming three opposing pairs, these are:
    + <---> -
    Mass <---> Void
    Light <---> Dark
    Heat <---> Cold

    The pillars brace reality, they prevent the vast attractive forces from drawing the great planes together and in so doing obliterating all that is, was and could ever be. The pillar are not solid objects, they are composed of the pressure and fallout of war. This conflict has raged since before the ages of time, it is fought with a single mindedness of purpose and ferocity that makes the battle between good and evil look like a playground squabble. It is a battle fought between sentient black holes and living voids, between raw plasma and liquid cold, between piercing light and moving darkness. These beings care nothing for the material universe, indeed the violent crescendos of their war has destroyed the world countless times. However it is the pressure of their eternal battle that holds up the pillars of creation, their conflict is the elemental crucible; the catalyst of complex matter. It is said that souls are born from the sparks thrown off from their clashes.

    The elemental maelstrom

    This large region lies between the positive and negative plains. It is a swirling maelstrom of elemental plains driven by the vast currents of conducting energy.

    The elemental planes themselves are caused by the various conflicts and combinations of the essential planes. These planes are unstable, they collide, combine and transmute into new more complex elements. This is the gradual process of evolution that combined with accretion eventually created the prime material planes at the eye of the storm.

    The great wheel


    This is a disk of relatively stable planes and ejected from the maelstrom as well as the divine and darkened thrones. They drift serenely in orbit around the cosmos. It is the home of the god and their divine hosts as well as the fiend legions.

    The golden havens

    Above, below and intermingled with the great wheel lie the celestial halls. These otherworldly planes are the physical embodiments of the gods power, its life force.

    Within its heaven a god is all seeing and wields its maximum power. It may have one or more avatar within its celestial hall, whilst killing one or more of them will harm the god to kill it with violence you must kill that very plane itself.

    The souls of dead worshipers -particularly the souls of more exalted individuals- can end up here, otherwise those post mortal celebrants are located on one of the one or more planes that a god claims for their eternal reward

    The Stars
    The stars are planes. Most of the brightest stars are the heavens (afterlifes and divine home planes). Pantheons cluster their planes together in relatively stable formations (the constellations). The links between the constellations are clearly visible under mage sight.

    When two pantheons go to war you can see their constellations fighting in the sky. When gods die their stars fade and when pantheons fall their constellations fall apart.

    The beyond


    At the edge of the universe there is a barrier, it divides that which lies within from that which lurks without; just as well. Beyond the realms of reality the fabric of that which is, alien to common sensibility; immiscible to mortal life.

    They are not the harmonious realms of impossible geometry one might imagine; they possess distinct and recognisable regions. From the cloying abyss to the living sea, the seething gestalt to the furious void, the timeless eternity to the twisted inferno; each a unique myriad of whirling madness and all of it corrosively other.

    The outer realms
    These are plains that have drifted beyond the barriers of our universe. Most become enmeshed within that without; these realms are in the far plane but not truly of them. They are relatively safe and stable places on the edge, gateways from this universe to the great unknown; note the ephemeris on relatively safe.

    Some of these realms however are transitory; they orbit the great wheel with eccentric distended arks that bring them across the boundaries at least twice a rotation. Some penetrate deep into the far realms and some still swing very close past (or even through) the elemental maelstrom, they bring with them the untold horrors of the beyond. It is from the study of these realms that we first discovered the far planes, from them that we know most of what we think we know about the without.

    The horror

    The denizens of the far planes are shaped by their environs much as we. Few of their kind can enter our reality, the screaming fabric rejecting them from the realms. All that crosses the barrier does so changed, made other by the transgression. Most of the beings that we think of as of the far planes are actually the decedents of beings from this universe that have either returned from the without, mutated by contact with elements of the beyond or where changed when they attempted to cross the barrier and where rejected.

    The far planes are not for the faint hearted, nor for the brave; angels dare not and fiends refuse to tread. The most surprising thing about these plains is not what they tell us about them but what they tell us about ourselves; from their perspective our reality is no different.
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