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    The Gods

    The archetypes

    Very few people know of them but most would recognize them. They are very powerful and have existed unchanged since the time of the cataclysm. They do not speak, move or act (but have been known to shift, vibrate and resonate); it is considered that either they lack minds or that said minds operate outside of the human timescale.

    There are 24 known archetypes; 12 cultural and 12 elemental. They do not grant power in so much as they give structure. It is from these universal blueprints that the divine draw their nature, the fabric and substance of their being.

    The patrons


    The patrons are the archetypes governing cultural phenomena. As they cannot speak for themselves many philosophers and theologians have different interpretations of what exactly each embodies. Whilst they may seem contradictory in nature it is generally understood that each represents a dichotomy or cyclic change within a phenomena.

    It has long been debated as to whether the patrons reflect the nature human society or mandate it, whether they change us to fit them or are changed to fit us. As with many such ideas it appears to be the wrong kind of question (the answer is of course both).

    It is generally understood that the attempt to alter the true name of humanity cost us it. It became fragmented, merging with the celestial sea to form the patrons.

    The Lover/Mother:

    The patron of fools and parents. All about growing up, the mistakes we make and the lessons it that teaches us. Symbol is the circle/ring.

    The Sage:

    Trickster and teacher. At bet benevolent and fun loving, at worst manipulative and destructive. Symbol is the quill

    The Warrior:

    Protector (guardian) and destroyer (reaver). Symbols are the shield and spear respectively.

    The Balance: (the judge)

    All about fairness and justice. About judgement and forgiveness, vengeance and mercy, duty and charity. Symbol is the scales and cudgel.

    The Farmer

    About the planting (ploughman) and the harvest (reaper). Fertility, death and fatherhood. The symbol is grain.

    The Shepherd

    This one is all about looking after (herdsman) and standing judgement over (butcher) the flock. Is a metaphor for leadership (also known as the steward/tyrant). The symbols are the crook / brand.

    Hearth and home

    The patron of property and community. At best homely and inclusive, at worst possessive, acquisitive and xenophobic.

    The huntsman

    The patron of the predator/prey and the eternal chase. Symbol is the bow.

    The watcher/shadow

    The patron of the thief and the watchman. About stealth, detection and darkness. Symbol is an eye in a hand.

    The market

    The patron of merchants, beggars and taxmen. It is all about enterprise, tax, prosperity and poverty. Symbol is a round coin with a square hole.

    The Maker

    Patron of artisans and artists. It is all about creation, inspiration and adaptation. There is a strong dichotomy between tradition and progress. The symbol is the hammer.

    The portal

    The portal is the patron of doors, passage and obstacles. Its Symbol is doorway

    The natures


    The ancient mages tried to seize control of the material fabric of the world by dividing its truename and fusing it with the true names of the gods. After a fashion it worked. The gods became divided between body and mind and came to embody the power of the elements.


    These beings are the embodiment of the destructive power of nature. They are formed from the bodies of the old gods and the sleep forever in the elemental maelstrom. Their children bring war and destruction wherever they go.

    These beings would stand well over ten miles high, if they stood at all; they are the progenitors of the giant race and they have never been seen in the realms. Once they were gods; the old gods of man during the dreaming. In the cataclysm that followed their heavens in the maelstrom were destroyed and they were cast adrift. The essence of their beings was fused with the elemental planes themselves; they became the titans they are today.

    From that time since they have slept; guarded, served and fought over by the children they have born in their sleep. It is said that the souls of those who worshiped them as gods in the great before and those in the time since live forever in their dreams. The titans cannot wake; must not wake. To disturb their rest is the greatest crime in giant society.


    These beings are gods in a very real sense; the lords of the elemental maelstrom.

    Giants once they reach two thousand years old are eligible to join the Jhontus. He or she must pass tests of strength, courage, wisdom and skill to be admitted into the elemental halls. Once they have past these tests they must go on pilgrimage to the titan that spawned them, to partake of a small part of its essence and in so doing kindle to flame their own divinity. Finaly they must seek out and swear allegiance to or defeat one of the many Jarls; a ruler of one or more of the elemental planes.

    The Jarls, their thanes and warriors are fighters; they fight amongst themselves, the other Jarls, dragons, trolls, the elder gods, the new gods, the arch fiends and arch fae; they will fight anyone and everyone. Their major problem is that they are too big and powerful for the material realm to bare them. To pass into this world they either have to leave most of themselves behind or they require the sacrifice of a divine being.

    Jhontus grow ever larger, wiser and more powerful as they age. As they age however they become more withdrawn, more resistive. They sleep first for weeks on end, then months, then years and decades. It grows ever on to the point where they might wake once or twice a century. It is said that the final fate of all Jhontus is to join their forefathers in their eternal slumber.



    These beings are the embodiment of the natural order. They are formed from the minds of the old gods. They are often worshiped by country folk and oppose the growth of civilization. They tend to reside in pocket dimensions formed from their own egg sacks.


    They view mortals as a kind of living interactive soap opera. They both protect and manipulate them; they make a game of achieving high drama, outlandish scenarios and unlikely couples.

    They aren't shape shifters and only breed amongst themselves (no more half dragon templates) but they don't mate often and most of the time they don't enjoy it. To get their rocks off they go for a joy ride; they slip into people’s minds and whisper suggestions into their thoughts as they bask in the physical and emotional fireworks.

    When hording they prize objects of sentimental and emotional significance; monetary value and magical power are irrelevant. They can read the feelings and memories imprinted in such items and when they sleep the wrap themselves up in a warm cloud of other people’s dreams.

    [N.B]: I intend to create a mirror structure to reflect the titans of wyrms and drakes with kami subservient to dragonkind.

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