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    The Undead




    Vampires have addictive tenancies. Be it blood, sex, power, daylight, danger, violence, alcohol, narcotics, travel, adventure, food, gambling... a vampire will usually find themselves at least one serious vice.

    They also have obsessive tendencies. This is the trait that allows them to focus on a goal for centuries, to plan for events lifetime away. The downside of this is that it causes them to become fixated on trivial little details, to moon over a particular victim or to nurse a grudge beyond all reason.

    A newly sired vampire will usually spend many decades amongst their blood clan. About a third will never leave their blood kin and spend the remainder of their unnatural lives there.

    For one reason or another many vampires leave the embrace of their new families. They wander between territories and wilderness for centuries, few ever able to settle down for more than a decade in any given community. Many end their days dying alone, some wander for all eternity or become hermits but most will eventually be adopted by an existing clan or settle down with a partner to try to form a new clan.


    Negative heart

    Rather than an a normal soul vampires posses a font of negative energy within them centered. This is caged within a standing positive energy field inside their hearts.

    They absorb ambient positive energy, this is then carried to their negative font by their blood. The energy is annihilated within the heart releasing "vital energy" or Qi, this allows the the volition to move, to think and to wield magic; it is what gives them their unlife.

    If cut off from or deprived positive energy the negative energy in their heart builds up, gradually eroding their semblance to humanity and eventually overwhelming them.


    Whilst they produce their own "Qi" they need to draw on the Qi of sentient beings because they lack some essential spiritual element and need to supplement this from their diet in the same way we need vitamins.

    The quickest and most efficient way to do this is to open someones veins and drink the life energy that spills out with the blood. They can do it through touch alone but it takes an awful lot longer and most people will sense that something potentially harmful is being done to them.

    If they don't feed will result in a diminished connection to the negative plane. This will drastically weaken them, reducing them to a comatose state if left for long enough.

    Common Abilities

    Hunters thirst

    This is a rage like ability of X use per night. It gives boosted movement speed and damage, it represents the predatory abilities of a vampire during the hunt.

    Paralytic bite

    Their bites have the ability to paralyses their victims, allowing them to feed comparatively safely.

    Predatory sense

    The get night vision and a better sense of smell.

    Hypnotic eyes

    A weak suggestion/confusion ability.

    Enslave mortal

    By injecting their blood into a mortal victim a vampire can over the course of a few nights enslave them, turning them into a human familiar.


    Daylight is not good for vampires but far from instantly fatal. They can get away with the hood/robes outfit but they wont be particularly comfortable under the mid day sun. The main problem is the fact that their eyes are very light sensitive though heat exhaustion is also a factor. Magic darkness and bad weather help considerably but they still have to be careful.

    The positive energy in daylight is simply far too much and too pure for their systems to handle. Their absorption systems all but shut down to protect them, shutting off most of their abilities and making them weaker.

    For vampire sunlight is an addictive narcotic with long term health implications. The can handle it and even enjoy it to a certain extend but it all about moderation. "Daywalkers" are self destructive junkies; "Kin don't let kin do days". Given enough exposure daywalkers develop a complete resistance to sunlight, however this "burns off" most of their abilities including their immortality.


    Children of the blood

    The siring of new vampires can not be done alone. It requires the cooperation of two vampires working in consort. The best results come from experienced vampires with a great deal of attunement with each other. When two vampires that are closely linked by blood attempt to sire a new vampire the results are rarely ever stable.

    The process involved drinking the blood of the initiate, transmuting it within themselves and re injecting it. This is done progressively over the course of three to five nights. The most delicate stage is when the victims heart stops; the animus of the soul must be contained, caged within the heart and reignited as a font of darkness.

    The process is risky and can have varied results, some of them can be deliberately inflicted. The victim may:

    *die outright
    *bound as a spirit
    *Rise as a zombie
    *Rise as an unstable undead abomination
    *Rise as a Ghoul familiar
    *Remain alive and become a dhampire
    *Become sired as a new vampire

    Children of the loins

    Most vampire are fertile but will struggle to conceive without assistance, particularly amongst their own kind. Vampires may conceive human children; about one in seven of which will become dhampires, however they may only carry dhampires to term themselves.


    A vampire may have one of three affinities and one of three natures. Alternately they may be pure blood vampires.


    These vampires gain wild shape instead of hunters thirst. They can call and charm animals and may posses an animal familiar.

    Wild vampires are particularly vulnerable to silver


    They are the best at blending into the crowed, they are charismatic and gain improved abilities to suggest, manipulate and dominate people.

    Vampires with a mortal affinity do not have reflections and are afraid of mirrors.


    These vampires have the closest connection with the dead and spirits. They are better necromancers and may commune with spirits.

    They are vunerable to salt.

    Dark nature

    They tend to be brooding, pessimistic and cynical. Their shadows are particularly dark.

    They possess the ability to manipulate darkness and shadow. They are very good at hiding, they are particularly vulnerable to sunlight.

    Void nature

    The most ethereal and otherworldly of vampires. They are slight and almost insubstantial.

    They gain the ability to become ethereal and to levitate. They are vulnerable to running water.

    Cold nature

    The most callous and unfeeling of vampires; they are pale, cold to the touch
    and misty breathed.

    Cold natured vampires have the ability to lower the temperature, control ice and mist. They are particularly vulnerable to fire.


    These are the poor flesh eating relation of vampires.


    These guys are mostley human ...mostly. They are a bit stronger than human, stronger than vampires in daylight. They can also become full vampires unless they are the result of a burn out.

    [N.B]: This list will be expanded. I particularly want to work on liches.
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