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    Other Beings



    Giants are born fully formed from the titans, they emerge in small litters from blisters in the titans skin; the flowing blood of the wound knitting itself together into the flesh of the infant giant. The gestation of the spirits of unborn giants takes about 100 years and takes place in what is less a womb and more a quazireal demi plane within the titans dreams; this is how it is that male titans can give birth to their sons and the females their daughters.

    Young giants stand between 12 and 15 feet tall. Many giants periodically descend upon fulcrum, some reside there for most of the rest of their youth. Giants grow slowly as they age; they usually top off somewhere between 60’-100’ around their mid 1700’s. Giants live in small tribes of their kith and kin; in fulcrum this is most often in the isolated and forgotten parts of the world. Many giants wander the lands far and wide; perhaps going for months, years or decades between visits home.

    Giants have the power to affect the world around them; their prolonged presence in an area causes plants and animals to grow to abnormal size. Without this power the larger giants would starve as the natural world simply cannot provide enough food for them.

    Giants are nigh indestructible; they are able to survive almost anything except a strike with a powerful magic weapon to a specific vulnerable spot on their bodies; this spot (called a stigmata) is different from giant to giant and a closely guarded secret. It can even be removed for safe keeping.

    Most giants hate the alfar, and stomp on Small Folk with glee. They insist on helping hobgoblins or humans if it meant war or honour, regardless of what the other participants think. They rarely have "restraint" in their dictionary, and tend to fight with more zeal than skill. Other species are beneath notice, unless they're rude or tasty.

    They are honour-before-life bloodknights who treat war as a glorious and ultimate sport, and love every aspect of it; they simply don’t believe they will ever die and don’t make allowances for the frailty of others. They often recreate wars they've fought 5000 years ago, regardless of who might be living on that ancient battlefield now.

    Flame giants

    Squat, ruddy arsonists. Flame giants are militant, aggressive even for giants and love fire. This is tempered by their discipline and mental focus. Flame giants are known for setting up shop beneath dormant volcanos and slowly kindling them up to a “comfortable temperature”. As they find most of the material world unpleasantly cold many don’t go out much. They have a far greater tendency to relocate themselves to the elemental planes than most giants.

    Forrest giants

    Tall, thin giants who love trees and the deep woods. It is said that every ydrasil (multimile “world trees”) that ever lived was planted by a forest giant. They get on better with the alfar than most giants and have a great love for the sentient once human trees they make. It is said that Forrest giants can speak with these trees, grant them volition and even turn them into dryads. They are known to keep large groves of them.

    Frost giants

    Deathly pale giants who live in the high mountains or beyond the snow line. Frost giants love the cold and deep snow. They cloth themselves in the furs of the mammoths, woolly rhinos and mastodons they herd.

    Storm giants

    These beings often live on sky islands, cloud lands or table mounts. They are known for their pronounced wanderlust and love of thunder. It is said that where ever a storm giant goes the sky will be overcast and damp; if he ever knows the sun it is because he isn’t trying hard enough.

    Sea giants

    These beings love to swim and wade. They live by the water on isolated headlands, mysterious lakes and small islands. They are also responsible for the construction of the largest ships known to exist. The city ship Argus was one such vessel before it was found adrift and converted for use by smaller beings.

    Stone giants

    These are beings of the dark places of the world. They live in deep valeys and caves and have the ability to move through and manipulate solid stone. Many of the vast caverns and complex tunnel networks beneath the earth were carved by the magics of the stone giants.



    Of all beings fair and foul to wield magic beholders are amongst the most dangerous. They are effectively large floating heads with a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. Instead of hair they possess a nest of ringed tentacles with an eye on the end of each, these tendrils are detachable and have worm like bodies. They have fine angular features and a large jaw filled with a long tongue and razor edged teeth.

    It is said that beholders where once mages who delved too deeply into the mysteries; that what they saw their changed them. Their mortal frames where no longer able to withstand the knowledge they had absorbed; their bodies withered or burned or faded or just crumbled away. Over the course of a number of weeks their still living heads where transformed into beholders. It is said that the main eye holds a faint glimmer of this unwholesome truth; that mages should not look a beholder in the eye lest they suffer the same fate.

    Now they hunger for the flesh they once possessed. They can bite the heads off of their victims and using magic seal the wound and keep the body alive. By removing one of their eye tentacles they can implant it along the victims spine and allow them to control and feel with their new bodies remotely. Since their stalk eyes can reform into maws the poppet has all the mouth it needs to eat.


    Is a mages familiar. These beholder kin are loyal miniature beholders barely four inches across and can permit their master to see as they see and to shoot gaze spells from their eye. An eyeball is usually born when a mage rubs the magically charged tears or blood of a beholder in his eye. The eye is slowly and painfully transformed into the semi-independent familiar. Many mages choose not to regrow their lost eye as not only does this strengthen their connection with the familiar but also allows them to reinsert the eyeball into their empty sockets and release it at need.


    These beholder kin are roughly the size of human heads, they possess between 2 and 6 eyestalks as well as a nest of thinner semi-prehensile tendrils where a human might have hair. Gauth are made when a humanoid is forced to imbibe the blood of a beholder before being decapitated. Mage wrought Gauths have the blood of the mage mixed with that of the beholder to allow him to control the abomination he has created. Gauths are normally made out of normal humans as mages and magical being have the chance to grow into full sized beholders.

    Like beholders they have the ability to reanimate and control freshly decapitated bodies. Unlike beholders they do this by attaching themselves to the severed neck using their tendrils. Given time a small proportion of their tendrils will fuse into a notochord. Once this happens the gauth can detach itself from the chord and control a single poppet at a time remotely. Aside from this it can cause the still living body will enter a form of suspended animation. As long as the body is looked after periodically and the chord undamaged the body can be stored for later use.
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    Concentric circles

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