The only nation I have fleshed out as it where. It is a magocracy where necromancy is used to free society from the control of the divine; their conflicts, constraints and alignments.

Other ideas:


Karomak Imperium:

A nation ruled over by hags (humanoid witches who bathe in human blood to rejuvenate themselves and maintain their immortality).

It is mainly confined to the aethosphear (the sky and high mountains). It has many strongholds in the deep caves and dark forests of sky islands. Hence its other name "Empire of the black night".

Its military uses a lot of harpies (winged manbeasts), flying monsters and powerful sorcery.

Femanist republics

These are city states that:

Have a minimalistic aesthetics and a lot of plain white architecture and organic curves.

Have extreme rapture style capitalism between small group collectives.

Are dominated politically and economically by women.

Regard men as irresponsible and disruptive. Males are supposed to focus on improving themselves and thus dedicate themselves variously to the arts, innovation, philosophy, magic as well as athletics and other physical pursuits.

Practice slavery and eugenics but in a sinister deniable fashion rather that more overtly.

The alliance

A confederation of sky nations. Ruled over by aristocratic clans with a heavy predisposition toward sorcery and other forms of magic.

These nations employ huge amounts of magiteck (to the point of magepunk) provided by competing wizard corporations. Use airships, golems and power armor.

Deadly enemies of the Imperium.

[N.B] Any help with more concepts or fleshing these out would be apriciated.