Types of magic


The Craft

This is the “science” of magic. It owes far more to traditions, rules of thumb and the accumulated wisdom of trial and error than logical and mathematical analysis but never the less it is a functional workmanlike affair. Manipulation of the magics is based on the use and arrangement of the Quoans. These are “sealed units” of magical understanding; they work, they can be used for this and that but how they work is anyone’s guess.

The craft (wizardry) is known for its heavy reliance on implements, book and scroll learning as well as its achievements in the field of magical crafting, herb lore and alchemy.

The Art

This magic is innate; inborn. It depends on flashes of insight and intuition; not for them the endless rote of basic Quoans and dry dusty tomes. Inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime. Many artists spend years looking for a muse or studying the works of a master.

The basic principle of the art is to manipulate the magic of the world using the medium of ones soul. As everyone’s soul is different the art is a deeply personal experience and few are willing to discuss the specifics openly; even so techniques do not always translate directly between different people.

The Balance

There are places in the world that act as natural confluences. These places draw in the power of the world. They act as vast primal animiae; unleashing huge amounts of vital energy into the world. This energy ensures that these nexuses are always abundant with life and draw in a great many spirits.

Certain individuals bind themselves to these places; they pledge to defend and preserve them. By harnessing the magic with groves and circles, my manipulating ley lines with monoliths and mounds, by forming bonds with the spirits and animals of their lands and sacred sites great power; the power of the earth, the power of the land is theirs to call.

The Way

When you absolutely have to reduce every mother in the room to meat jelly and bone shrapnel and you have only your fists or a hunk of wood to do it with then you want the way. The essence of the way is the manipulation of the vital energies with your own body to make you stronger, faster, tougher and able to attain extraordinary feats of magic and martial prowess. It takes years of dedication, mental discipline and enormous physical effort to achieve this.

There are two schools of thought about how to control the flow of vital energy:

The first relies of the principle that adrenalin causes the Chi to naturally spike. Focused busts of controlled aggression are used to channel Chi into ones abilities.

The second states that the vital energies are naturally heightened when the mind is at its most restive (sleep). By calming the conscious mind and setting aside thought they are able to dramatically increase the flow of energy.

Tranquil fury is the rare state when both are achieved simultaneously; such a state is highly unstable but extremely powerful. Beings who are able to enter this permanently (the tranquil) become near immortal living engines of destruction.

The Duty

Clerics and priests are known to invoke “miracles”. What is generally not known is that those are in very rarely in any way due to the direct intervention of the divine.

The point of religion from the divine perspective is to acquire souls; faith is merely a by-product, a means to an end. Faith has real power, faith can move mountains. The temples, chapels, shrines and symbols not only spread and administer to the religion but they also act as engines of faith; harnessing that power for the use of the priesthood.

The energy can be invested in places, artefacts and in people for the cause of the religion and for the protection of the faithful. Priests and other agents of the temples can use symbols and relics to draw on a limited amount of that great power for their own ends. By making vows, by undergoing ordeals and by competing tasks an operative can be “ordained” with an increased allotment of the vast (and sometimes not quite so vast) reservoir of magical power.

Schools of magic



This involves the manipulation and use of positive and negative energy. It is sometimes called necromancy by the unenlightened.


Biomancy is the manipulation of life and life energy. It is the single most demanding of all of the disciplines in terms of knowledge and skill. Misuse and misapplications of biomancy can have unforeseen and undesirable side effects.
It is used to:
• Alleviate the symptoms of dieses
• Sterilize wounds, water and implements (negative stripping)
• Aid in healing and surgery
• Creation of hybrid , transmuted or transgrafted beings
• Infliction of sickness and injury
• Diagnosis
• Boosting or suppressing biological performance
• Purifying and purging poisons and toxins
• Manipulate growth


It is the direct manipulation of positive and negative energy as a destructive force. It is the straightest forward and potentially the most dangerous of all the dualistic disciplines.
It is used to:
• Annihilate or incinerate using beams of positive energy
• Dissipate or obliterate using fields of negative energy
• Disintegrate or destroy using blasts of an explosive mixture of both.


This is about the use of vital energy and soul fragments to artificially recreate a synthetic animus. It is the most misunderstood and abused of the dualistic disciplines. It is typically synergistically paired with spiritualism and sealing for the greatest effect.
It is used to:
• Reanimate the undead
• Animate golems
• Create other forms self-powered artefacts, constructs and implements
• Create animate plants


This magic involves the creation of seals to bind things of power as well as the creation of geise.


This is the magic of contracts. Of all the Keikai it is the most forceful of the disciplines but requires the most focus and force of will.
It is used to:
• Summon and bind of beings or entities from the elemental and outer plains.
• Dismiss or exorcise summoned or outside beings or influences.
• Call, translocate and bind beings and entities of the material plane
• Call objects and artefacts


This is the magic of seals. Of all the Kekai it is the most subtle and esoteric. It requires absolute precision and concentration to be of any real use.
It is used to:
• Create area protective barriers
• To contain entities within, objects, and chambers
• To place seals or wards on artefacts and doors
• To sense or examine power within a given area


This is the magic of spirits; both living and dead. Of all the keikai it is the most sympathetic discipline.
It is used to:
• Sense, communicate and command spirits.
• Summon, raze and dismiss spirits.
• Manipulate, contain, bind and liberate spirits and soul energy.


Glamour is about the manipulation of the mind and the senses. It is a signature of the fae.


This involves the manipulation of light and sound to create images that are really there but not actually real. Of all glamour is has the most tangibility.
It is used to:
• Create illusions
• Conceal things from mundane senses.
• Manipulate light and dark


This is the manipulation of though, memory and the mind. Of all glamour it is the most invasive.
It is used to:
• Communicate mind to mind
• Manipulate perceptions
• Mindreading
• Suggestion and mental domination
• Memory alteration


This involves the manipulation of emotions. Of all the glamours this is the most pervasive.
It is used to:
• Sense and read emotions
• Enflame or calm emotions
• Charm or manipulate a subject through emotions
• Call, calm and control animals.


This involves the manipulation of the forces, matter and energy.


This is the magic of change. Of all the evocation it is the most useful but requiring the most imagination.
It is used to:
• Transform objects
• Transmute substances within their elements (metal:metal…liquid:liquid …ectra)
• Size, weight and other forms of property manipulation.

This is the power of the elements. Of all the evocations it is the most destructive and harmful.
It is used to:
• Control elements
• Manefest elements
• Transmute elements


This is the magic of the manipulation of reality. Of all the evocations it is the most energetic and demanding.
It is used to:
• Teleport objects and persons
• Temporal manipulation
• Perform Telekinesis
• Spatial manipulation