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    Default Re: GiTP Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition X - Have a Holly, Jolly Brewmas!

    Present Suprise

    This unassumeing Box appears to be a present, For you!
    Present Construct 4
    XP We shall see
    <NE> <Diminutive> <Construct>
    Init +1; Senses ; Perception +7


    AC 18, Touch 18, flatfooted 10; ( +)
    hp (5d10+0); 40 (Yes, I did ignore the con pelenty
    Fort + X, Ref +X, Will +X


    Speed X ft.
    Melee Weapon +X (dX+X) 9, 5, 16, 12
    Space X ft.; Reach X ft.
    Special Attacks


    Str 2, Dex 18, Con 4, Int -, Wis -, Cha -
    Base Atk +2; CMB +10;
    Feats Improved Grapple
    Skills -
    Languages -

    Special Abilities

    Special abilities go here.


    Environment Anywhere, Especially under your tree
    Organization In many piles, Useally 5-10

    A description of the creature, it's combat tactics and methods, the social structure of its life and/or society (if any) and any other pertinent information on how it functions and interacts with the world around it go here.

    This is a WIP.
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