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    Archaeologist Tricks
    At first level and whenever it says ďArchaeologist TrickĒ on the Archaeologistís progression chart, he may choose a luck feat, a fighter feat, or one of the following Archaeologist Tricks. Archaeologists can use their 1st level feat to gain an Archaeologist trick, but not their bonus feat for being human if they are one. All other feats granted by level progression, such as at 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th level, cannot be traded for an Archaeologist trick. Note that many of the Archaeologist Tricks are Extraordinary abilities and therefore donít function while wearing armor that has an armor check penalty or using a shield.

    Steady (Ex): When holding his revolver in both hands, the Archaeologist applies 1.5x his Dex bonus to attack and damage rolls. He may not use this ability if he has moved more than a 5 foot step that round. This ability can be used in conjunction with Rapid Shot.

    Gunslinger (Ex): The Archaeologist is treated as having Rapid Shot and Rapid Reload when using his revolver.

    Fan the Hammer (Ex): The Archaeologist may make one more attack at his highest base attack bonus if he has a free hand when making a full attack with a revolver. He cannot use Steady and Fan the hammer in the same round. Fan the Hammer stacks with Rapid Shot.

    Scientific Method: The Archaeologist may use his intelligence modifier instead of his wisdom modifier on all relevant skill checks.

    Marksman (Ex):
    Requires: Far Shot and Point Blank Shot feats
    Your range increments are doubled, rather than multiplied by 1.5, and you gain your bonus from Point Blank Shot out to the first range increment rather than 30 ft when using a revolver.

    Social Genius: The Archaeologist uses his Intelligence modifier instead of his charisma modifier for all relevant skill checks. He adds his intelligence modifier and his charisma modifier to charisma based-skill checks when dealing with the opposite sex.

    Whip Defense (Ex): The Archaeologist gains a +2 shield bonus to his armor class if he is holding a whip but doesnít attack with it. An enchanted whipís enhancement bonus is added to the shield bonus it provides. As always, a character can only gain one shield bonus at a time.

    Improved Whip Defense (Ex):
    Requires: Whip Defense.
    The Archaeologist can attack with his whip and not lose the benefits of Whip Defense.

    Whip Tricks (Ex): The Archaeologist is treated as having Improved Trip and Improved Disarm when armed with a whip.

    Improved Whip Tricks (Ex):
    Requires: Whip Tricks.
    The Archaeologist treats whips as two-handed weapons when making a disarm attempt with one, although he still wields it in one hand and gains no further benefit from using it in two hands. He adds his Intelligence modifier to opposed rolls when making a trip or disarm attempt with a whip.

    Off-hand Whip (Ex): The Archaeologist treats whips and scimitars as light weapons and is treated as having Two-Weapon fighting if his off-hand weapon is a whip.

    Crack of Doom (Ex): As a full-round action, the Archaeologist may make one whip or fisticuffs attack that deals normal damage and resounds with an ear-splitting crack. If he successfully hits an opponent with this attack, they must make a fortitude save vs a DC of 10 + the Archaeologistís level + his Constitution modifier or be deafened. Opponents who arenít subject to critical hits cannot be deafened.

    Gunjutsu Master (Ex): Your extra damage dice from Gunjutsu Focus become d8ís instead of d6ís.

    Trap Evasion (Ex):
    Requires: Trapfinding
    You gain the Evasion ability vs traps.

    Improved Trap Evasion (Ex):
    Requires: Evasion or Trap Evasion
    You gain Improved Evasion vs traps. If you donít already have it, you gain evasion.

    Improved Evasion (Ex):
    Requires: Improved Trap Evasion
    You gain Improved Evasion.

    Prepare to meet Kali:
    Requires: You Betrayed Shiva and a non-evil alignment.
    You may use one of your counterspells to banish outsiders or destroy undead. To affect an undead or outsider, you must have used I Hate These Guys to gain a bonus against them. Like turning undead, you use a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity to affect all eligible creatures within 60 ft and roll 2d6 + class level + charisma modifier to determine how many HD of creatures you can affect. Unlike turning undead, there is no maximum HD you can affect and thus no turning check. Undead are destroyed and outsiders not native to the plane you are on are banished.

    Keeping up With the Joneses: Your Archaeologist level is treated as four higher for the purposes of your Fisticuffs, I Hate These Guys, and You Betrayed Shiva abilities, though it cannot exceed your character level.

    Shady Contacts:
    Special: cannot have the Leadership feat. If Leadership or the supplemental rules from Complete Scoundrel are not allowed, neither is Shady Contacts.
    Whenever you successfully use a Charisma-based skill other than Intimidate, Use Magic Device, or Gunjutsu Focus in a town or city, there is a 10% chance that you develop a contact in that community appropriate to your level and the type of social skill you used. Rules for contacts are covered in Complete Scoundrel.

    New Skill: Gunjutsu Focus (Cha)
    If you attack a flat-footed opponent within one range increment immediately after drawing a revolver, you can deal extra damage, based on the result of a Gunjutsu Focus check. In addition, if you and your opponent both agree to participate in a formal Gunjutsu duel, your Gunjutsu Focus check replaces your initiative check for the ensuing combat. In a Gunjutsu duel, you and your opponent make opposed Gunjutsu Focus checks, and the winner accumulates extra damage dice according to the accompanying table. A formal duel can also be conducted between characters with Iaijutsu Focus and Gunjutsu Focus, though it would have to be conducted at melee distance.

    {table]Check result|10-14|15-19|20-24|25-29|30-34|35-39|40-44|45-49|50+
    Extra Damage|1d6|2d6|3d6|4d6|5d6|6d6|7d6|8d6|9d6 (max)[/table]
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