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    Alias: The Yochanan, most prominently. Roughly translated into modern english, it means 'the nothing man'. Jack Empty's another good one.

    Gender: Male, at least as far as self-identification goes.

    Race/Species: Tulpa. 'Thoughtform', in plain old english.

    Age: A year or so. He remembers much, much further back, but he gained a body of his own right around a year ago.

    Alignment: Chaotic friggin Evil. He's as much Jack Empty as the old wizard was, sans any semblance of humanity.

    Class/Profession: Monster.

    Power Rating: A

    Description: The Yochanan looks like a slightly tall, middle-aged man, who's short hair has gone prematurely gray. His eyes are the color of ruddy nickels. There's this mad, sick grin that very rarely leaves his face. If you see his mouth curved any other which-way, it would be conducive to your good health if you left the room.

    Empty is very rarely seen without his slate grey suit. It appears to be perfectly tailored, with no labels or other identifying marks. A white undershirt and matching grey tie round out the color code. Things sometimes stretch the fabric from within, push against his flesh and clothes, as though they want to escape.

    Abilities: The Yochanan's powers are vast. He's a being of almost pure thought, and tends to enforce that rule upon the world as best he can. Bending reality comes naturally.

    In particular, Empty likes to make people afraid. It seems to make him strong. He'll attack your mind, or bring your fears to life if he can. The bastard's faster than you would believe, and what's worse, very strong.

    Backstory: To come later. See my other character, Jack, for a bit of context.
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