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    Alias: See above. Because good luck pronouncing his real name.
    Species: Space Dinosaur
    Age: Roughly 40 (proportionally around 25)
    Alignment: NG
    Class: Wizard (Spellslinger)
    Power Rating: B?
    -Almost stereotypical wizard powers. Mostly in direct manipulation of energy, but he can attempt plenty other things. He's not very good at all at spells to influence people, save for one which encourages them to ignore his presence. Still, he's an up-front kind of person, and his spellcasting ability reflects that
    -He's a crack shot with most firearms, provided he can actually fire them.
    -His natural weapons are still there, although he detests using them.
    -He communicates mostly through TrueSpeak. Although his vocabulary is limited, anyone can understand him, unlike his native tongue, which is nigh-impossible to understand if you're not a reptile and difficult if you are

    Somewhere in-between a large raptor and a small Allosaurus, Lexington stands at around seven feet tall. His talons are small when compared to similar Earth creatures, but still sizable. His scales are a deep green in color. He also has a pair of small, fin-like ears on the sides of his head. His arms end in hands, but they're not as developed as a humans' and he has trouble holding or manipulating some objects.

    Most notable is his Gauntlet, a handheld computer built into a glove and bracer on his left arm, which acts as a sort of PDA/phone/all-purpose device. Essentially, it's Mass Effect's Omni-Tool shoved into a Pip-Boy 3000
    Like many wizards, Lexington has access to his own pocket-dimension to carry his things. Unlike many wizards, his is full of guns and ammunition, along with a few basic necessities. Most notable is his customized SMG (Space Machine Gun), which is a small full or semi-automatic firearm capable of firing almost any kind of round, provided the magazine fits in the slot. He carries plasma and metal rounds for it at all times. Its grip is sized for his hands, and is also synched with the Gauntlet, which can display its ammo remaining and activate a kill-switch if the gun is stolen.
    He also has a shotgun, more of the same, save that it only fires specific metal rounds. Although it can easily punch through steel, he dislikes using it because of its kick.

    Lexington is good-natured and honest, but he's also impatient and occasionally near-sighted. He prefers to take on his problems head-on, although he understands that his powers make it easy to avoid having to and will if necessary (although it isn't as fun). Despite being a gun nut, he actually hates unnecessary violence, and is prone to anger towards people who don't take life and death seriously.

    Backstory: An old race of reptiles, Lexington's race is surprisingly peaceful for carnivores, although once earned, their enmity is a terror to experience. They still retain their predatory instincts, and discipline is honored beyond most else, because for a race that interacts with others often, losing yourself to instincts could mean accidentally biting a friend's head off. Lexington understands this, and spent years to gain control of himself in this regard, despite his lack of patience in other situations. Members of his race often find a hobby to keep their minds occupied, and Lexington picked up two: guns and magic. Although the second is rare among his people, it isn't unheard of, and the former is extremely commonplace. His family was wealthy enough to support his taste in past-times, and he makes decent money offering his services as well. He left home at an early age to learn from others, and he made Earth one of his favorite visits, although he was limited to the few places with people willing to hide alien tourists. For him, this meant New York, in the care of a good human friend with far too many resources for his own good.
    It's common for people of his race, whose names can be difficult for most to pronounce, to be given an easier name by a close friend. However, his human friend refused to give him one, to instead he simply looked at the nearest street-sign. Hence, Lexington.
    Misc: because he talks mainly through TrueSpeak, Lex can seemingly have any accent or lack thereof, depending on who's listening, at your discretion.
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