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    Alias: Vordenar

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Shadar-kai

    Age: 33

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class/Profession: Mercenary/Ex-Gladiator

    Power Rating: B- to B

    *A formidable combatant experienced in wielding greatswords, who can even cleave through plate armor relatively easily.
    *Twice a day, he can teleport short distances, however he must be able to see where he's teleporting to.

    Crystal orb allows him to:

    *Manipulate shadows to attack his opponents but has to concentrate and stand still when doing so. This can include immobilizing someone, cutting and directly attacking them, or temporarily blinding them.
    *Absorb magical attacks by storing them and then dissipating the power. It can only store so much at one time, and if it absorbs too much it will then break under pressure.
    *Inspire panic and fear into weak-medium tier foes when he wills it.

    Description: Vordenar has pale grey skin typical of the Shadark-kai race as well as the the ever common dark hair and eyes. He is about average in height, standing at about 5'11" and is very muscular due to his time training as a gladiator. Vordenar is incredibly strong and brutal in both attack and movement. Plate armor that is mostly black and white is Vordenar's typical attire of choice as well as an armored mask that covers his mouth. A dark coat that comes down to his boots is another favorite piece of clothing of his as well as his ivory necklace. If one were to get a glimpse of his skin they would see that he is covered in tattoos symbolizing combat, honor, power, death and life in conjunction with many scars.

    Equipment: A menacing two-handed broad sword, plate armor, clawed gauntlets, an ivory pendant, and an orb made from diamond are Vordici's main assets.

    Personality: Cold, and intimidating are just two words to describe Vordenar's presence. He is a sell-sword who cares only for fame and believes himself an instrument of death. And hey, if wealth happens to come with that, who's to complain? Mainly, Vordenar is a ferocious fighter who doesn't care who is target for the most part. As long as they aren't a child, or anyone incapable of fighting back, he'll fight them. As an honorable warrior, Vordenar sees killing the defenseless as a shameful and despicable act that only serves to sour reputation. He also has no fear of death. If he must die, then so be it.

    He is a fairly blunt person who gives curt replies and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. Hiding intentions is another cowardly act that Vord despises. A true man would make his desire clear and not try to deceive someone. Vordenar hasn't loved anybody since his teacher's death but isn't incapable of positive emotion. He's never met somebody worthy of his affection though, especially none of the people he's worked for.

    Backstory: Vordenar was once a former gladiator who fought back in his home, the shadowfell. He had been forced into fighting from birth, trained to be a master warrior for the entertainment of others. Good thing for him, he became adopted by an unusually nice mentor who treated him like one of his own. Unlike most Shadar-kai, this kindly older man taught Vordenar not only how to fight but also how to love and appreciate the minutiae of life. He also gave Vordenar a pendant that came from him family line.

    During one fateful battle that took place when Vord was 17, his mentor went up against the reigning champion, a merciless warrior who never lost. The kindly old man lost the fight and was barbarically torn asunder. Grief-stricken, Vordenar challenged the brute to trial-by-arms. He won the fight but became severely wounded and battered, becoming useless as a gladiator. After a couple of years he finally healed and left the shadowfell in search of a new life.

    Once Vordenar discovered the nexus during one of his forays into tiefling lands, he left for it and never looked back. He now searches work as a mercenary in order to become famous and reputable as a tribute to his mentor and himself.

    Theme song: Spirit of Champions
    *Likes penguins. A lot.
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