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    Alias: R.I.N. (Reconnaissance and Intelligence Network)
    Species: GETH
    Age: GETH do not record age
    Alignment: NG
    Class: Mysterious Stranger
    Equipment: One trenchcoat (Pockets are Pockets of Holding), One Fedora, One Omi-Tool, One 44. Magnum, One ME1 predator, One Black Widow (Sniper Rifle), Galactic Credits
    Powers: Marksman, Overload (Interferes with electrical systems specifically target in small areas), Hunter Mode (can see (Life forms and advance technologically system AKA robots) through thin walls)

    a GETH wearing a trenchcoat and a fedora

    Lacks a basic understanding of emotions and normal interaction but has knowledge on the their existences. Always seeks to do the right thing through the few means he knows. He also says the word GETH a lot it is unknown if it is because of pride in his heritage or a preference for the word

    Backstory: No data available (Forthcoming)
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