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    God, where do I start?

    My name is Meredit. Some of my friends tell me I look white. Meredit Zhang. Most of them tell me I look Asian. What I look like in the mirror is great-great-aunt Nadiya. She was the last one to be born in Russia before mom's family came here. We have a colorized photograph of her wearing flapper robes. Sometimes I use it for my profile photo because it's exactly what I see in the mirror. And I'm human of course.

    I want to go to college for an art degree but money is tight right now. In the spring I'll have a job at the Waldorf school I went to but as a daycare assistant. Until then I sell knitted balls and pouches on Etsy and custom knitwear by special order. It's actually hand-made too. Some people use knitting machines and try to call their stuff hand-made. It's not right. I don't think I'm supposed to link to my shop but you can probably find it.

    I don't read a lot of books. I'm too busy. I had to learn what elves were since most of the special requests were for fantasy plushies. But now I'm here and they're real? Were they always real and this is just the world only bigger and weirder than I thought it was? Or is this heaven? Am I dead?

    I hope it's not hell.
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