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TIER I – Essential Skills
+1 competence bonus to Influence and Perception checks.
Is Influence a combination of diplomatic skills or is it actually the Influence presented in Unearthed Arcana?

+1 competence bonus to Perception checks.
This needs something else added. Otherwise, there's no reason to choose it over Diplomatic.

+1 competence bonus to Stealth.
Everything else gets two skill bonuses (except Perceptive right now). Why not tack on something here? Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, and Forgery would all work pretty well with a sneaky theme.

TIER II – Situational Defenses
Lucky Save
Once per day you may roll a saving throw using 5d4 instead of a d20.
Note that this is closer to a +2 bonus than +1, since the average for 5d4 is 12.5 (2.5*5) rather than 10.5 (10.5*1).

Strong in Faith
You gain a +1 bonus to saves versus divine spells cast by a divine spell caster with beliefs or alignment different than your own.
This could cover absolutely everyone, since no one has exactly the same beliefs as you. Clarification on that and how opposed in alignment they have to be (Do you get the bonus if you're chaotic good and an enemy cleric is neutral good?) for the bonus to apply would be nice.

TIER III – Battlefield Advantage
Rapid Reaction
You gain a +1 bonus to Initiative.
This is an instant buy for everyone. It's reliable, tangible, and applies to every encounter.

Warrior Spirit
Whenever you would be taken to zero hit points you may gain an amount of temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier. They last for one round.
Are you still reduced to zero hit points (just with temporary hit points keeping you above zero) or do you not take damage and gain the temporary hit points? If you take more damage than what would reduce you to zero, how does this enhancement interact with that?

With the proper fudged reading, this could be read so that someone can never be reduced to zero hit points or less, allowing them to live forever if all they take is hit point damage, ignoring old age.

Weapon Parry
When unarmored you may gain a +1 dodge bonus to armor class when fighting with a one-handed weapon only, or a two-handed weapon. If you are wearing a shield you cannot gain this benefit.
Can you gain this benefit if you hold no weapons or a light weapon only?

TIER IV – Skills
Exceptional Strength
You can add +2 to your Strength attribute for purposes of lifting and carrying weight and for figuring your Strength bonus on ability checks and strength-based skills for a number of rounds equal to 3 plus your Constitution modifier. After this time you are fatigued (-2 to Strength, -2 to Dexterity, can’t run or charge). Your increased strength does not affect attack or damage rolls, combat maneuvers like Grapple, Bull Rush and Trip.
You should specify that the bonus "lasts" for a certain number of rounds instead of saying you can add the bonus for a certain number of rounds. The latter suggests that you can split up the rounds over the course of a day, allowing the penalty to be ignored. Also, say something about it being once per day or whatever.

You may use your Dexterity modifier in place of your Intelligence modifier on Craft and Disable Device checks.
Be aware that this can be a much larger bonus than some other enhancements, such as Craftsman.

You may use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Intelligence modifier on Search and Spellcraft checks.
Same deal as Handyman.

One Hand Tied
Select a skill. You can always choose to take 10 on a skill check with the selected skill, even if distracted or endangered. You can gain this enhancement multiple times. Each time you take the enhancement, it applies to a new skill.
This is almost always better than Craftsman, but compared to Intuition and Handyman, it's probably okay.

In any situation where a piece of mundane equipment is required and the item is unavailable, you can declare that you have the item on hand. You must immediately pay for the item, as if purchased from a shop. The item in question cannot be more than 250 trinkets in value. It is a fairly typical item of its sort you purchased last time you were in an appropriate market. The item found is not a specific item and could not for instance appear to be a counterfeit of another specific item. In the case of arrows, darts and the like, you may not ‘find’ more than 1d10 of these on you at any one time. This can be done once per day.
Notes: The idea of the enhancement is not that you magically create items, but that your character is a better shopper than their player and bought the item last time they re-supplied; even the player had not thought to do so.
Are trinkets equal to gold in your setting? A note at the top of the post telling everyone that would make the enhancement clearer, like you did with skills.

TIER V – Protective
The first time you deal damage in an encounter and you are sprayed with your enemy's blood (as determined by the DM) you gain a +1 morale bonus to Armor Class and Fortitude saves. The bonus lasts until the end of the combat
There should be a period at the end of the last sentence.

Body Like Iron
You gain +1 HP for each even-numbered experience level you have. This continues to increase as your experience levels increase.
Note that this will always be picked after Tough as Nails if someone wants more hit points because Tough as Nails gives 3 hit points while Body Like Iron only gives 2 at level 5. It's not a big deal--just something I wanted to point out.

Cover Ally
As a move action you may give any adjacent ally a +1 bonus to Armor Class. This bonus lasts until the start of your next action so long as neither you nor the recipient moves before that time. If the ally you are protecting were to be hit, you are hit instead.
How does this interact with area-of-effect spells and abilities? Does this work against things that armor class doesn't apply to? In other words, clarify what "hit" means.

When you make an attack or draw a weapon and move at least 5 ft. while doing so, you get a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class until the beginning of your next action.
This is essentially a +1 dodge bonus to AC for everyone who makes attacks in combat. It's a'ight, though.

Tough as Nails
You gain +1 HP for each odd-numbered experience level you have. This continues to increase as your experience levels increase.
See Body Like Iron above.

TIER VI – Reaction and Movement
If an opponent that you threaten makes a five foot step as their only movement for the round, you may make a five foot step towards them as a free action. This does not affect initiative.
Since it's a free action, that suggests that you have to wait until your action to move with the opponent. A five-foot step is already a free action, so...

Also, you should probably put a limit on the number of five-foot steps you can take in a round with this. Right now, it looks like this is your only five-foot step--you just get to take it on an opponent's turn. Specify whether you can move normally on your turn if you take this five-foot step.

Charge and Jump
When you make a charge action against an opponent who has a weapon readied against your charge, they must succeed at a Will save DC 15 or your attack roll occurs first. If you successfully deal damage, they lose their readied action.
A Will save is an interesting choice, but I think I get the reasoning behind it.

Once per day when you would normally roll for initiative, you instead take the initiative of the highest roll +1. If you are flat-footed you may use this to act during a surprise round. You must declare your use of this enhancement before anyone else rolls initiative.
If you're flat-footed and acting in the surprise round, are you still first in the initiative order?

When using the full-round action, if you deal a creature enough damage to make it drop (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it), you may immediately move into the space they occupied if within 5’. There is no fixed limit to the number of times in a round this enhancement may be used, although you may not move further than your current movement rate in one round using this enhancement.
You may not use this if you cannot fit into your opponent’s space because of other opponents or obstacles. When using this enhancement in conjunction with Cleave or a feat based on Cleave, you must take your bonus attacks from those feats before you move using this enhancement.
"Action" in the first sentence should be "attack," probably.

Preemptive Mind
You may add half of your intelligence modifier rounded down to initiative.

Quick Refocus
You may refocus as a move-equivalent action.
Not sure what refocus is. House rule?

TIER VII – Extra Advantage
Fast Learner
Multiple the amount of general experience awarded by 1.5.
This is potentially problematic, since it can skew challenge ratings, though since it's only available after level 7, it shouldn't be too much of a big deal. Still, crafters and spellcasters using XP-costing spells will be really happy for the XP buffer on costs.

Final Attack
If you were to be take to less than zero hit points or killed, before you fall you may make one last attack with a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage.
"Take" should be "taken."

How does this interact with Warrior Spirit?

Fortune Shines Upon Thee
Whenever you would find or be given trinkets or other currency, you get 25% more.
This can be really problematic for WBL--especially if the PCs get a dragon hoard or decide to sell everything they find.

Grit Your Teeth
Once per day, whenever you suffer damage from a weapon or other physical attack, you may take a temporary point of Wisdom damage to make a Fortitude save DC equal to damage dealt to ignore the damage until the combat ends. Once the combat ends, your Wisdom point returns and you receive the previously ignored damage.
This is cool.

Healing Factor
You heal one extra HP per full day of rest.
This is kind of silly unless your group tends to rest a lot. Even then.

Smooth Talker
You may add you Intelligence modifier to Charisma checks and Influence checks.
Depending on what Influence is, this is pretty good. It's not on the level of Fast Learner of Fortune Shines Upon Thee, but it's better than Healing Factor or Mule, for example.

TIER VIII - Multiattack and Magic
Black Mage
Choose either force or one of the energy descriptors (acid, cold, electricity, fire or sonic). When casting spells with your chosen descriptor you inflict +1 point of damage per die of damage inflicted. If you do not cast spells, choose either force or one of the energy descriptors (acid, cold, electricity, fire or sonic). You get a +1 bonus to Reflex saves for against spells of the chosen descriptor.
Allowing spellcasters to take the second option wouldn't be a bad idea. In fact, maybe allow them to take both options at the cost of one enhancement each.

You get a +1 bonus on dispel checks, and the maximum bonus for all your dispel checks is also increased by +1. If you do not cast spells, you instead gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage against any creature capable of casting spells. Spell-like abilities count as spells.
See Black Mage.

Hit Hard and Fast
When taking the full attack action, you may sacrifice the attack with the lowest base attack bonus and add this amount to your damage.
Do you add your base attack bonus on the lowest iterative attack to damage or do you add your attack bonus on your lowest iterative attack? Either way, this is a pretty large bonus to damage for an enhancement. Though I suppose since you get fewer attacks than a 20-level game, it makes a big difference when you drop one.

Quick Cut
Once per day when making a full attack with a light weapon you may make a single additional at your highest base attack bonus. However, you suffer a -2 penalty to all your attacks until your next action and lose any Strength bonus to damage you might normally have gained.
Sneak attackers will be really happy with this. Not sure if Quick Cut and Hit Hard and Fast are fitting with the rest of your enhancements in power.

Selective Area
When you cast an area spell, you can select a single space under the area and declare that it is not to be affected. Creatures in this space avoid the spell's effect. A Selective Area spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell's actual level.
Bleh. Make it one spell slot higher. That's enough of a penalty to ignore one measly square (unless "space" means any-sized space, such as a 10-foot square).

Tactical Attack
When using a full attack action in melee, you may sacrifice one of your attacks once per round and add the base attack bonus for that attack to one of your other attacks. So instead of a 6th level fighter getting two attacks at base attack bonus of +6/+1, he instead gets one attack at base attack bonus +7.
This is cool.

Tactical Cast
When casting a spell, you may move both before and after your spell is cast, provided that the total distance moved is not greater than your current speed. Casting a spell in this fashion is equivalent to casting with vigorous motion; you must make a Concentration check versus a DC of 10 plus the spell level or the spell is lost. When casting a spell in this fashion, you may not also cast defensively.
Also cool.

Take Aim
When you take a full attack action with a ranged weapon, you may choose to make a single attack instead with a range of 30ft or less. You may add you Dexterity modifier to damage for this attack. Creatures not subject to critical hits are immune.
If the rogue can't get a sneak attack, this is a decent option. Otherwise, sneak attack will do more. How does this interact with Rapid Shot?

Watch and Learn
You learn one additional spell of any level up to two lower than the highest level spell that you can currently cast from the Cleric’s list. The chosen spell is added to your spells known or spellbook and is treated in all ways as being two levels higher than the spell’s actual level. If a spell appears on multiple spell lists, you must take it from the list where it has the highest spell level. The spell is considered divine if you are a divine caster and arcane if you are an arcane caster.
If a character has access to only 1st-level cleric spells, can that character take this enhancement? If so, how does that work?

TIER IX – Special Advantages
Find any Weakness
You can critically hit any creature but you only do critical damage. There is no critical effect.
I dun get it.

Soul Strike
Once per day, you can retroactively improve the result of an attack roll by expending 10 XP/+1 increase to the result, up to a maximum of +3.